Marie, Tiffany, LeeAnne - RHOD textgate

Real Housewives Of Dallas star Marie Reyes is putting Tiffany Hendra on blast. Apparently Tiffany’s “soul sister” act with LeeAnne Locken is just that – an act! After Tiffany and LeeAnne ‘twin power’ confronted Marie over negative texts she sent abut LeeAnne – complete with so-called “evidence” – Marie released her own unedited texts which shows that Tiffany was very much a part of slamming about LeeAnne’s outrageous behavior.

So, was Marie’s version of the texts shown to us by God, or is only LeeAnne who has access to GodT&T Wireless? 

“When someone brings text evidence but leaves out their part in it. But you have it all,” tweeted Marie. Already bringing evidence = reunion insanity!

While Marie may have perched on her sofa with a barbed wire fence on her head as LeeAnne was so NOT having a nervous breakdown, she’s not maintaining her composure anymore! 


Marie explains that after LeeAnne’s irascible behavior at her cocktail party she sent “some pretty nasty and scary texts regarding her whereabouts even suggesting she might soon be ‘dead in a ditch.'” Which is why Marie reached out to Tiffany.  

Tiffany and I were texting each other trying to figure out how to help LeeAnne! Tiffany was engaging me and texting me back and totally agreed that LeeAnne’s behavior was bizarre and how WE shouldn’t tolerate it anymore and that LeeAnne’s actions were a form of self-harm. Needless to say, during the exchange of texts around LeeAnne’s behavior at my cocktail party, both Tiffany and I agreed, the behavior was atrocious.” 

As for why Tiffany chose to share only MARIE’s share of the texts – Marie presumes it’s that Tiffany is using LeeAnne to get famous and therefore has a hidden agenda for being her BFF! 

“Because she suffers from failure to launch syndrome she has to hang onto LeeAnne for dear life, it’s her and her husband’s last hope! So, while it was quite juvenile for her to share bits and pieces of messages behind my back like a middle schooler, it doesn’t surprise me anymore because the more I’ve reconnected with Tiffany, the more I understand how shallow, transactional, and financially motivated her friendship needs are,” Marie complains in her Bravo blog. “All of Tiffany’s hopes and dreams are riding on Dallas and her friendship with LeeAnne. Who am I? Only the person standing between her and LeeAnne?”

Well, this Marie is not beating around the bush – which will probably end on Brandi’s next hat

“I might have said some things that LeeAnne may not have liked, but Tiffany tried to make a mountain out of a molehill by showing specific messages to LeeAnne,” adds Marie

Marie also explains her hat – she believed Tiffany and LeeAnne were coming over to sample her new product (of course), RAGS2Riches Skin Care Line (Marie is an aesthetician by trade, who owns SkinSpaMED in Dallas, and a former psych nurse, actually), and the fascinator tied into the packaging. It’s slightly disappointing to learn she doesn’t just casually lounge around her house with a wire hanger atop her head. 

“After being ambushed by Tiffany and LeeAnne, I felt sick to my stomach and just horrible,” sighs Marie. “It sucks to have your loyalty and integrity attacked, especially when it is done in such an underhanded and scheming fashion.”

Oh honey – you are not ready for Housewives if you get upset about a little something like loyalty and integrity being attacked!

Marie’s texts, vs. the texts Tiffany showed LeeAnne are below!

Marie's texts

From Marie – her texts with Tiffany (which show Tiffany clearly responding). [Credit]


Tiffany’s version of the texts – printed out. [Credit: Bravo]


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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