I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling this season of Real Housewives of New York. There has been some crazy shit going down in every episode. I was all about this last episode’s drama, but Carole Radziwill was not feeling it.

Maybe it’s because she was barely in the episode? But either way, Carole made it clear that she was not into the episode at all.


Usually Carole uses her Bravo blog to say hilarious things about the latest episode and throw shade at Luann de Lesseps, but this week she just talked about fostering kittens. And don’t get me wrong, that’s nice and all, but that’s not why I watch Real Housewives. It was nice to see that Carole was fostering a cat during the RHONY episode, but that really did not move the plot lines forward in any way shape or form.

Carole started out the entry with “I loved everything about this episode. And when I say everything I mean everything with the exception of anything to do with TipsyGirl, Nannies, Squirting, Madame Paulette, or a man named Raaaaaay. Which leaves just one thing: Kittens!!!” So Carole hated the entire episode? That’s really weird since it’s not like any of the story lines involved her – but then again, maybe that’s why she didn’t like it?

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I totally get using her fame to promote something nice like fostering kittens, but I don’t get why she’s going to hate on the show that made her famous. Plus, the episode was great. There was so much drama and juicy scenes. Carole is just being a total hater. She didn’t talk about anything that happened in the episode, other than her scenes with the cat.

She did eventually mention something about the episode though: “About the other felines on this week’s episode?  Well, none of them are nearly as cute or loveable as Vinny. But they sure as hell are entertaining. Let’s be honest, Ramona and Dorinda battling it out on Second Avenue was amaaazing.” YES IT WAS. That shit was so ratchet and I loved it. Finally, Carole gave credit to someone for entertaining us in the episode – since she certainly was not the one who amused us.

Tonight on Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny hosts a holiday party, Luann introduces her new boyfriend, who has history with Ramona, to Jules and Dorinda, and the sh-t hits the fan when everyone finds out that Sonja and Luann are roommates. Reality Tea will be live-Tweeting – join us!


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