Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Thinks She Lied About Their Break Up

RHOA Kenya Moore

I know she can be polarizing, but I am a fan of Kenya Moore’s on Real Housewives of Atlanta. That’s why I was so happy to see her in a relationship with Matt Jordan. They really seemed so happy and free of drama.

That was until they had that nasty breakup over Memorial Day Weekend. Kenya posted (and deleted) a photo of crushed up sunglasses with a lengthy caption that strongly implied that there was violence involved in the breakup. Then Matt posted (and also deleted) his own message about taking responsibility for went down in the relationship. I took this to mean that he was owning up to what Kenya posted about, but apparently that is not the case and he is calling out his ex.


Now Matt claims that when he posted his statement owning up for the break up that he was unaware of what Kenya was putting out there about violent behavior and that was not what he was taking responsibility for. Matt’s Instagram account is now private, but luckily some social media super sleuth had the foresight to screen shot his latest post and transcribe it. 

I don’t totally get the point of making a public statement on a private account- but I guess it is the best of both worlds since he is still getting his side of the story out there (thanks to people like me) and he is safe from haters trolling his comments.

Matt wrote, “The truth was the motive behind the post. Taking complete responsibility for the failure of the relationships, in an attempt to not have the finger be pointed at Kenya as it has many times before me. That obviously backfired. Miss Moore unfortunately gave an inaccurate account of our vacation in Mexico to one of the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Which of course was either strategy or a tactical error by a 30-year veteran.” Well, this is sad. I was really hoping that this was going to be it for Kenya and now it really seems like such a mess for them both.

It’s hard to know what really went down- unless the Bravo cameras happen to catch the breakup, but then again, even if they did, anything can be edited. And the new season reportedly didn’t start filming until a day or two after the breakup went down.  Nevertheless, violence is never something to make light of or lie about, so hopefully it can all get straightened out soon.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]