Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Travels With His Kids; Did Kathryn Dennis Fail A Drug Test?

Remember when I said I just like to think of what’s going on with the Southern Charm stars as the show airs instead of their present day antics? This post is precisely why (well part of it at least). There is actual good news and rumored bad news with the Bravo’s volatile couple.

Thomas Ravenel took Kathryn Dennis, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two young children, to family court last week (with a hearing on the merits scheduled for June 27th), and while we don’t know what happened during the motion hearing, we do know that Thomas is posting pictures with his daughter for the first time in months. That’s good news, right? 


After claiming Kathryn wouldn’t allow him to see his children unless he coughed up more money, T-Rav posted a picture on his Twitter yesterday, captioning it: “Kensie beating the heat!” This update came on the heels of the below photo of the precious toddler getting a haircut.

Of course those father-daughter moments can’t top T-Rav traveling today with both Kensie and baby Julien–as well as treats from Bill Murray! How have I still never had a Bill Murray sighting? The man is everywhere down here! Thomas and his brood were on a plane with the movie star who gifted Kensie with candy

While these updates drew both excitement and disdain from his many followers, but I think we can all agree that the child looks incredibly happy and thank God for Dawn. While Thomas is falling back into the role of doting daddy, things aren’t going as well for Kathryn, according to FitsNews

The site reports that the breakout star of Southern Charm has allegedly failed a court-ordered drug test, citing unnamed sources from her attorney’s office. Holy potential ethical violation, Batman! Sounds like someone needs to clean house…and stat! However, the source didn’t reveal the substances allegedly found in her system (nor the kind of test allegedly administered). 

If you ever wondered why I chose to practice real estate law, it’s because I would never be able to remember to use “allegedly” in all necessary instances. That said, I am happy to see those adorable babies so happy…but who wouldn’t be thrilled with a Bill Murray encounter? Also, Kensie looks over the moon in the pool picture. It’s probably more fun than the last time she and T-Rav shared some pool time! Sorry, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist.  😉 

Don’t forget there’s an all new episode of Southern Charm on tonight!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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