Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis’ Family Court Battle Begins Today

kathryn calhoun dennis and thomas ravenel pumpkin farm

For all of you who have speculated (on both sides) as to why Thomas Ravenel hasn’t taken Kathryn Dennis to court for custody of their two children (or, on the flip side, why Kathryn hasn’t sought financial support through a legal avenue), it’s all starting today. Yup. The estranged couple will face off in family court at a temporary hearing on June 27, but this afternoon, the judge will hear a motion to seal the case.

I try really, really (reallyreallyreally) hard when I recap Southern Charm to focus on the episode even though we’re watching events that took place several months ago. Drowning out what’s happening with these two in the here and now is just too tragic when I think of those precious babies. The pair have two year old daughter Kensington Calhoun and seven month old son St. Julien Rembert, and while I’m sure they have good hearts and good intentions (sometimes), neither seem to be skilled at being the bigger person.  


Kathryn claims that T-Rav hasn’t seen his kids in months and won’t support her financially as he initially promised to do when she became pregnant with Kensie. Thomas asserts that Kathryn won’t accept his child support in the state mandated amount and is refusing to let him spend time with the children. It’s the ol’ chicken or the egg scenario, except these are innocent babies and two fools. They may be well-meaning fools and I don’t doubt they both love those children with all their hearts, but they are fools nonetheless. 

According to FitsNews, it is Thomas who is suing Kathryn over custody and visitation rights. While the merits of the case will be heard later this month, if today’s motion to seal is granted, the public won’t know what the particulars are, although I’m sure we’ll all speculate!

The site’s founder appeared on an early episode of Southern Charm and takes credit for setting up the couple. After a falling out with Thomas, the site became very pro-Kathryn when it came to covering the show. However, after running a story that Kathryn smoked marijuana while pregnant with Julien, she threatened a lawsuit. 

Both troubled stars have hurled accusations of horrible parenting at the other on social media for the better part of two years, from T-Rav falling in the pool with baby Kensie to alleged text messages allegedly between Kathryn and her alleged drug dealer, allegedly. Got to cover the bases! These instances are exactly why I have to take every episode as if it’s happening now. I’d much rather watch the pair interact with each other and those adorable kids instead of thinking about this madness.

For the sake of the children, I sincerely hope today’s motion is granted. It’s going to get ugly, and there are graveyards full of skeletons dancing in both Thomas and Kathryn’s closets. Those kids don’t need to be privy to any of their parents’ dirty laundry in the future, especially when they’ll one day be able to watch their father’s friends question their paternity on national television. Sad, sad, sad. 


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