Andy Cohen Has Watched The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Premiere Multiple Times & It Made Him Cry

It has been way too long since the last season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am way too excited to see Teresa Giudice back on TV. The queen is back- well, she will be soon. I have watched the RHONJ a million times and July 10 just seems like forever to wait for the premiere date.

Andy Cohen has the best job ever (for many reasons) and my latest reason to be jealous of his existence is that he got to watch the RHONJ premiere already. In fact, he has seen it more than once and he had a very emotional response to it.


I am dying to see Teresa return home after a year away in prison and Andy makes it clear that the moment doesn’t disappoint. He talked about it during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve seen it three or four times, and I wept every time. It’s the realest, most raw moment that I’ve seen. When you see these four girls jump in her arms, it’s like nothing that I’ve seen.” I. cannot. wait. RHONJ has always been the realest in the franchise and I feel like the next season is going to be one of its best.

I just want to see what Teresa is really like now that she is back home. Andy teases that there is a definite change in her: “You do see a different Teresa, and you do see how this year away really changed her.” I hope that she is the best Teresa possible, but I am also (selfishly) hoping that she’s not too zen. I still need to see that sass that I’ve grown accustomed to.

And I am so curious about how Teresa got to such a peaceful point with Melissa Gorga. I’m very happy that they are on good terms, but I want to see how that happened. I couldn’t even handle my excitement when I saw her jump in to defend Melissa when Jacqueline Laurita was screaming at her and called her out for “four nose jobs” in the trailer for the next season. 

Andy didn’t reveal too much about that (obviously), but he did let us know that we are going to see how Teresa’s longtime relationships have really evolved when he said, “It’s interesting to see how the terrain lays out between her and her sister-in-law, who have never gotten along. And she and her ex-best friend of 12 years, Jacqueline, those are the two relationships to watch, and you’ll be surprised by how they turn out.” I am beyond pumped. 

Seriously though- Is it July 10 yet?


[Photo Credits: Bravo]