Jules Wainstein Talks About Real Housewives Of New York For The First Time Since The Divorce Announcement

Everyone has been talking about Jules Wainstein for the past couple days since her husband Michael Wainstein made a pretty surprising move and filed for divorce. Since then, shit has really hit the fan. Jules’s rep confirmed that they split because Michael was cheating. Then Jules was hit with a $25,000 tax lien due to back bills on a New York City penthouse. Soon, news came out that the woman Michael was cheating with was friends with Jules. And things got really crazy when Jules had to call the police on Michael after an altercation in their home.

And this was all within two days. Who knows what else will have gone  down by the time you get to the end of this article. On top of all that, the divorce announcement hit the press on the same day that Real Housewives of New York airs. Personally, I think that is a shady coincidence. Nevertheless, I was ready to watch the episodes looking for signs of trouble and they were absolutely blatant. And now Jules is speaking out.


Jules did not write a lengthy Bravo blog this week, which is pretty understandable since she has a lot going on these days.

Jules writes, “It was so difficult to watch the beginning of the end unfold in this week’s episode, but I’ve come a long way since my life began to unravel this past winter, and my kids and I will be just fine — better than fine.” It’s hard to separate the past from the present when these Real Housewives cast members have to relive their memories when the show airs. So we need to remember that so much has gone down since these scenes happened.

And if you’re wondering if you should have seen this coming as a Real Housewives of New York fan, it’s apparent that Jules did not at all: “Truth is that it’s too easy to get caught up in your own reality, especially when you are blindsided and betrayed by someone who is supposed to be a partner and friend.” Ugh. poor Jules.

At least Jules has a positive outlook for the future and she isn’t dwelling too much. She writes, “I’m trusting and open, but I’m also strong and practical. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a big bump in the road, but I’ll get over it and I’ll be stronger for it. I’ve got my kids, my family, my friends, my business, Modern Alkeme, and while my heart might be broken, it’s still good as gold.” Ah yes, there she is with the shameless plug among her list of blessings. Clearly she is still very much on her shit, so I’m not too worried about her.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]