Meghan King Edmonds

Meghan Edmonds Is Skeptical Of Kelly Dodd’s Connection With Vicki Gunvalson

There really wasn’t much happening during the Season 11 premiere of Real Housewives of Orange County. Sure, we got to catch up on what was going on with the ladies’ private lives, but there wasn’t a lot of interaction between the Housewives. I missed the OG’s, but I was bored to death. 

Nothing really happened other than the introduction of the new girl, Meghan Edmonds’s friend Kelly Dodd. Aside from me feeling a little confused and wondering what Cheryl Burke was doing on RHOC – you have to admit that they look alike, right? Or maybe that’s just in my mind. I don’t know, but I just didn’t know what to make of Kelly and I honestly couldn’t picture her being good friends with Meghan. This was especially true after I saw Kelly and Vicki Gunvalson hitting it off during that yacht party. I am so curious to know what Meghan thinks of the immediate connection that these two seemed to have.


Kelly came on to RHOC as a friend of Meghan’s so I figured she would have loyalty to her – at least for the first episode, but this chick is way too green to be on reality TV. She was trying way too hard to be funny and quotable and it’s so evident that she was very familiar with the show. She definitely knows what she’s doing when she decides to befriend the most controversial cast member. And on top of that, Vicki started off Season 11 with zero friends in the cast, so I’m sure she would accept anyone as an ally at that point.

Meghan wrote about introducing Kelly to the squad in her Bravo blog: “I was excited for everyone to meet Kelly, but I was actually shocked when Kelly immediately bonded with Vicki. I warned her that Vicki might be using her since she was the only person left for Vicki to use to weasel her way back into the crew. So far I’m right on point with that thinking…”

In all honesty, it’s a win-win for Kelly and Vicki to be friends. At that point, they both had nothing to lose and it’s going to get them a lot of camera time. I just wonder how Vicki and Kelly’s bond will affect Kelly’s relationship with Meghan.


[Photo Credits: Joe Scarnici/Bravo]