Heather Dubrow Explains Why She Won’t Forgive Vicki Gunvalson

Heather Dubrow is definitely the most diplomatic cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County. She is the epitome of class and she is one of the few housewives who doesn’t use her spare time to be a shit stirrer. So when Heather is mad at someone, it is always for a good reason – minus that one time in Season 8 when she got mad at her husband Terry Dubrow over some onion rings. 

But anyway, Heather is clearly the most reasonable person in the cast, not to mention the nicest, so this means that she really thinks that Vicki Gunvalson screwed up since she refuses to forgive her for her involvement with her ex Brooks Ayers’s cancer scandal. So why can’t we actually have new story lines in season 11? So why can’t Heather move on?


Heather is not a shit talker, but she did try to explain her feeling about Vicki in her latest Bravo blog entry. She did not have a ton to say, but she did get right to the point in a pretty clear manner.

Heather is not mad at Vicki for the lies that Brooks told, but she is just mad that Vicki will not take any ownership over her own actions. Heather wrote, “Vicki took me aside to chat on the boat. I wasn’t expecting this — but basically, I want her to take accountability for her part of the scam of last year. I don’t blame her for Brooks’ actions — just her involvement. Clearly she’s not going to own any of it. She said last year at the reunion that she lied and then she took it back and said she had no involvement. It’s exhausting.”

First off, I feel like it’s absurdly rude to take Heather aside in the middle of her own party- as if Heather didn’t have other things to do or more enjoyable people to socialize with. Second, it seems like Vicki forgot the reunion was taped and that she actually did admit to lying because she wanted her and Brooks to seem sympathetic to the ladies and the viewers.

It really does not seem like Heather wants to be mad at Vicki. She just wants this woman to take responsibility for her shadiness. Come on Vicki, just channel your inner Lisa Rinna and “own it” so we can all move on.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]