Real Housewives Of New Jersey Taglines Revealed; Teresa Giudice Discusses Raising Her Family While Joe Is Gone

Is it July 10 yet? It has been way too long since the Real Housewives of New Jersey has blessed us with new episodes. Thankfully the show waited for its queen Teresa Giudice to return after her prison stint. The show is nothing without her and obviously her return home is going to bring in a lot viewers who want to see how she’s holding up.

To promote the show, Teresa has been doing a lot of press and has addressed how she is doing while her husband is in prison. Not only am I pumped to see the Giudice family, but I’m also excited to see how things are for the rest of the cast when this new season starts and a great way to figure that out is to get a sneak peak at the ladies new tag lines.


Obviously this is Teresa Giudice’s world and we are all just living in it, so it makes sense that I am not the only one who wants to know how Teresa is coping with her life circumstances these days. In an interview with People, Teresa said, “I can’t wait for Joe [Giudice] to get home. He needs to help me.” She did say that they are still in touch via email, but that’s obviously not the same as parenting together in person.

In a sad way, Teresa is thankful that her girls already have experience living with one parent from her own stint in prison. Teresa said, “I’m not going to say it’s easier, but the girls went though it with me already.” Those poor girls. They have been through so much, but all know nothing is going to stop Teresa from being a reality star and cashing in on her life. It seems to me that Teresa and the other ladies are beyond ready to get into the spotlight, especially after reading their Season 7 taglines. They are all really bringing their A-game this season.


Teresa Giudice


I love Teresa Giudice for capitalizing on that iconic table flip moment from Season 1.


Melissa Gorga


I wonder if Melissa Gorga’s tagline is in relation to her rumored tension with Jacqueline Laurita.


Jacqueline Laurita


Clearly Jacqueline is ready to stir the pot and do whatever she can for camera time.


Siggy Flicker


I am so curious to see what new girl Siggy Flicker is all about.


Dolores Cantania


I can’t wait to see how Dolores Cantania fits in with the RHONJ clique.

Seeing these taglines and how fierce the women look is really getting me pumped up for the next season.


[Photo Credits: Bravo;’ rhogif/Tumblr]