Robyn Dixon
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Robyn Dixon Confirms She’s Returning To Real Housewives Of Potomac For Season 2

Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon was the lone sane one on Real Housewives Of Potomac this season. She calls the experience “surreal” (cause how else does one describe Karen Huger or Katie Rost?) and discusses how the show has impacted her life. Luckily for viewers, we’ll get another dose of her zen-like approach to friendship and drama, because she is back for season two, which is currently filming.

“Watching myself on TV is very strange…,” admits Robyn. “I find myself saying, I should have said this, or I should have done that. Then you see what people are saying behind your back, and you are like oh, if I ‘d known she said this, then I would’ve checked her differently!” 


Next season will apparently be a more cohesive RHOP, since the ladies now know what they’re in for. “When we were filming the show, we didn’t know that our show was going to be a Real Housewives show,” explains Robyn. “It felt somewhat like a Housewives show – it kind of followed the same formula, but they did not tell us what it was.” The ladies found out they were becoming Real Housewives Of Potomac the very same day Bravo announced the new franchise. “We were all stunned!!!!” exclaims Robyn. 

As for what she’s learned from putting her life out there, Robyn hopes people see her as real, and honest about her life – she’s not embarrassed to share her hardships. 

“I just want people to know that I have been through a lot personally with my ex-husband and our relationship and finances, and it’s OK to not be perfect,” Robyn tells Black Enterprise. “You don’t have to live that perfect life, and you don’t have to be ashamed of making mistakes and stumbling or messing up.”

Robyn doesn’t reveal what we can expect from RHOP season 2, or any potential new cast members, but rumor has it all the ladies are returning. 


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