Bethenny and Carole react to Luann

I figured that watching yourself on reality TV would make you a very reflective person and give you inspiration to make self improvements or at the very least make yourself look better after saying embarrassing shit. Apparently this is not really the case when it comes to Luann de Lesseps

For some reason Luann expressed that she thought that the other women on Real Housewives of New York were jealous of her engagement to Tom D’Agostino during the last episode. If anything, the women were just shocked that she got engaged so quickly to someone who was “dating” both Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan pretty recently. Time has passed and the episode has aired and Luann has not clarified her statements. Instead, she maintains that the other women are super envious of her love life…


I can see why Luann would be mad at her clique for not being supportive of her engagement, but I think it is ridiculous for her to ever think that these girls are jealous of her and actually get upset over this perceived envy. Months later, Luann still feels like everyone is jealous, and she wrote about it in her Bravo blog.

Luann mused, “Why is it that when I’m happy, some of the girls feel the need to bring me down? I know I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with Tom and have missed some girl time, but to call me neglectful and narcissistic is over the top, even for Ramona who never shies away from sharing her feelings.”

It doesn’t seem like anyone is upset that Luann is happy or wants to bring her down. They just were taken aback by the insta-relationship and were confused by how quick things were moving. If anything, they were being good friends to her by bringing up facts about Tom’s love life that were both relevant and recent (way too recent).

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Luann also wrote, “I know that I may have seemed harsh when I called the girls bitches but that was how they were acting towards me except for Carole [Radziwill] who surprised me with her kind words. That is why I immediately apologized to Carole. As for the other girls, I think they are jealous that I found my soul mate and that I’m getting married. I expect my friends to defend me and to be happy for me (and not gossip about me behind my back).”

Luann was focusing on the wrong aspects of that dinner and wanted attention in the exact way that she hoped for. Not a single one of those women was jealous of her or trying to hate on her for no reason. Luann just needs to let it go already. But LOL at Carole being the only one that Lu perceives to be on her side.

Luann continues to deny Tom’s relationship with Sonja which is pretty rude to her good friend. Luann wrote, “I was ready for the girls to bring up Tom’s dating life before he met me, but I was still surprised when Sonja said she’d been ‘friends with benefits‘ with him for 10 years. Even if that were true, I really don’t care who he slept with before me!” If she really doesn’t care who Tom was with before they got together, then she shouldn’t feel the need to constantly try and discredit Sonja’s side of the story.


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