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Peter Thomas Didn’t Want To Divorce Cynthia Bailey; Claims He Was Blindsided

Peter Thomas has always been a little sketch. But this latest statement from the former Real Housewives of Atlanta househusband’s camp is just plain delusional confusing. Peter is claiming that he was blindsided by Cynthia Bailey’s divorce announcement, maintaining that they had discussed it, but it wasn’t something he wanted. 

Cynthia announced her intentions to divorce Peter in early July, citing that time apart, as well as differences in personality, chemistry, and compatibility were to blame. Well, I think that list covers just about everything! Peter, however, maintains, “It wasn’t something that I wanted. But it is something that I believe she thinks she needs. And honestly, I wish we could have made the public announcement jointly.”


Peter defended his terrible reputation in Uptown Magazine (Page Six reports) confessing, “I love Cynthia. I have never cheated on her. She knows this. I have never taken any money from Cynthia. She knows this. I have never done anything, but love and defend my wife. She knows this too.” 

Cynthia knows one thing for sure: She’s ready to make their separation (which has been going on for months) legal. She did soften the blow by telling E! News, “I don’t want it to be an ugly divorce because I still love Peter,” but that it was time to move on. 

Never one to let an exploitative opportunity pass them by, the tumultuous couple plan to air all of their dirty divorce laundry on next season’s RHOA. An interesting choice since Peter is basically blaming the show for his crumbling marriage!

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Peter asserts, “While the show is not the single contributing factor to the turmoil in our relationship, ‘RHOA’ had a lot to do with it. Reality TV can be a blessing and a curse, as it provides tremendous opportunities, but it also puts one hell of a strain on a relationship, especially if the foundation is not solid.” 

Peter did quickly add that he and Cynthia’s “individual ambitions” also contributed to their troubles. If by “individual ambitions,” he means that Cynthia has some, well then…okay! 

While Peter struggles to come to terms with not being a reality TV star anymore the divorce announcement, Cynthia seems downright relieved. She shared, “I can be a better friend to him at this point in the relationship than I can as his wife.”

After years of financial turmoil, allegations of cheating, living in different cities, and (lest we forget!) getting involved in women’s business! Peter and Cynthia’s marriage seemed doomed from the start. And while divorce is never a happy prospect, here’s hoping these two can find some peace in their separate lives.

Until then, strap in for the hot mess in Hotlanta! 


Photo Credit: Bravo