Cynthia Bailey Says She and Peter Thomas Are “Talking About Moving Forward In A Different Direction”

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey’s relationship has seemed to be on the rocks for a while now, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are taking baby steps toward divorce. The first step was showing the turbulence in their marriage this season (starting off with that “cheating video” hitting the press just as filming for RHOA started. The second step was admitting things weren’t perfect and spending longer chunks of time apart.  Now we’re on to step three. Step three included admitting that things are, in fact, very rough and that discussions are being had about the possibility of calling it quits.  Step four will likely wait until RHOA resumes filming. Just a hunch.

 On the status of her relationship with husband Peter Thomas:  “Things are not great with Peter and I. At this time, I’m just taking time for myself to just try to figure it out.”

She adds, “Unfortunately you know, when you go through issues like this, you can’t just you know, shut your whole life down for a couple of months, and meditate and you know…just really properly deal with it. I still have to be a mother, I still have to work, I still have to do meetings, so it’s not easy. But I am taking time to myself. We have not done anything officially, but we are in talks about moving forward in a different direction.” And likely they’ll wait to do anything “officially” until cameras are present to capture it.



On why she fought so hard to save her marriage, she tells NBC New York:  “Well you know, this is my first marriage… I still love Peter, I was completely in love with him, you know, back during our wedding, but things just started falling apart like really early on, and marriage is just so tough anyway, weddings are just so stressful anyway, but when you’re on a reality show… when you throw all of those things on it…. I am a strong woman, believe me, but I can only do so much, and at some point, nothing has to be that hard.”


Speaking of Cynthia’s troubled relationships, she talks about her friendship break from NeNe Leakes. “We good, and then we were real bad…. We were out of control, it got really, really bad. NeNe was the first lady that I met when I started this journey on Real Housewives, and the first one that I connected with, so that’s always been a real, real friendship, a real sisterhood, my relationship with her. So when it went bad, it went really bad, and we didn’t actually talk for a couple years, which was hard, but at the same time, was also kind of good, to just have that time apart. And you know, as you guys see that she was SO happy to be back in my life… no, it was one of those things that no matter where I went or she went over the two years, it just got crazy, because it was just like, oh I wish you and Nene could work it out, and she was getting the same thing, so it was kind of nice to just finally work it out.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV