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Luann de Lesseps Says Dorinda Medley Stirs The Pot; Bethenny Takes Her Mom Issues Out On Jules?

Luann de Lesseps has some opinions to share after seeing last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. She’s not impressed with Bethenny Frankel’s treatment of Jules Wainstein, she’s calling Dorinda Medley out on her pot stirring and more.

Lu starts off with some observations, “While watching this episode, I noticed how when Jules or I open up about what’s going on with our lives, instead of becoming closer to the other ladies, they use it against us. I’m in love with Tom, and I’m happier than I’ve been in years, so why can’t the girls just be glad for me and be sympathetic to Jules’ eating disorder? Dorinda’s been stirring the pot, I think, to keep herself out of the spotlight, but eventually, what goes around comes around.” 

She does have a positive note to make about Dorinda, which is more about Lu than Dorinda. “She’s been the most supportive of my engagement to Tom since she introduced us. She knew that we’d be a great match and we are!”

Luann questions Bethenny’s REAL issues and wonders why she can’t be supportive. “Why does Bethenny take out her issues with her mother’s eating disorder on Jules? Would she not want to be around Jules if her mother had had diabetes and Jules had it as well? What about cancer? Does Bethenny not want to be around people with illnesses that make her uncomfortable? I can tell you she doesn’t care about the discomfort she causes by discussing her vagina at every meal. We see here Bethenny’s significant lack of empathy towards others. It’s not always about her, but try telling her that. Jules was very brave to share her struggles with us, and we need to use this information not to belittle her but to help her.”

On the ladies’ trip to Atlantic City, she blasts Bethenny for being tacky and not thinking about Jules’ feelings. “Bethenny’s sotto voce discussion in the limo with Dorinda about Jules couldn’t have been tackier. She could overhear everything they were saying! The best part of the casino trip to me was watching how happy Jules was at the tables. She is a great sport in every activity we do together, and I’m grateful for her positive attitude.”

She says Sonja’s dinner was a bit uncomfortable. “The dinner at Sonja’s townhouse where she was set up with a man she already knows well was somewhat awkward. Seeing two people flirt in person is different from seeing it third hand. The way her Italian friend fondled his napkin was priceless. Her use of a butler was over the top, but I think she was trying to impress her date with her ex-husband’s family traditions.” 

On jumping in with both feet when it comes to fiance Tom, “I understand why some of the girls are concerned about me getting engaged to Tom so quickly after meeting him, but in my 50 years I’ve kissed a few toads, and I know when I’m in love. I was married for 16 years, and I have two beautiful children, and I don’t I commit unless I’m sure. When I’m in, I’m in for the long run.” 

Luann shares again that she did NOT steal Tom from anyone.  “Ramona is the most outspoken about not rushing into marriage, but she’s been divorced only a short time while I’ve been single for some time. She continually insinuates that I “stole” Tom from his date the night I met him! You can’t steal a man. Tom and I had been single and dating for a while, so when we met, we knew there was a very special connection between us. Marriage is a very serious commitment, and Tom and I come from families that strongly value marriage.” 


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