Meghan Edmonds Will Never Forgive Brooks Ayers & Teases About What’s To Come On RHOC

During the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County, I did not know how to react when Meghan Edmonds started in on the “Brooks Ayers doesn’t have cancer” accusations. It was her first season on the show and I didn’t “know” her well enough yet to feel like she had credibility. And aside from that, I could not help wondering who in their right mind would actually fake cancer. Well, we all know how that whole thing turned out so I’m not going to rehash that part.

Nevertheless, the current RHOC season is all about rehashing last year with everyone hating on Vicki Gunvalson for playing up the persona of a victim and for refusing to apologize for her part in all of the craziness. Even after the season has finished filming (minus the reunion), Meghan is still not over the Brooks drama and she is teasing a little bit about to expect in upcoming episodes.


Even though Meghan ended up being right about Brooks’s shadiness last year,  I honestly didn’t get why she was just so stuck on his life. Meghan explains why she was so into exposing Brooks in an interview with People.

Meghan revealed, “I think people think that I was a little overzealous, and maybe I was.”But it really sucked to be dealing with cancer, with my friend LeeAnn [Huntley Edmonds-Horton] dying of cancer, and to see this guy Brooks, this sleazeball trying to profit off of cancer with Vicki.” So I guess this is her way of saying cancer was a sensitive topic to her. As the evidence started mounting, it was understandable why she was hooked on investigating him, but she never explained why she was so obsessed when the accusation first came to light after that psychic reading.

Meghan also said, “I will never forgive [Brooks].” I think that what Brooks did was pointless and disgusting, but I’m a little confused about why Meghan was taking it so personally since it’s not like she was friends with Brooks or Vicki ever. At the very least it has to be so annoying to have to address this same topic in pretty much every interview about the last two seasons of the show though, which I’m sure adds to her dislike of the man.

As of now everyone on RHOC is so against Vicki and I am curious about how the rest of the season will progress if no one really wants to acknowledge her to her face while they obsessively rehash last year behind her back. Will anyone (minus Kelly Dodd) actually end up being friends with Vicki

Meghan teased about the season when she said, “I’m honestly shocked at how everything went down with Vicki as this season progresses. You’re gonna see reconciliation and see it go backwards again.” It wouldn’t be RHOC if there wasn’t a constantly evolving cycle of friendships and rivalry!  And aside from that, Vicki can be pretty annoying and condescending in general whether Brooks is the topic of conversation or not so it’s not surprising to hear that people got over being friends with her.


Photo Credit: Bravo