Dolores Catania on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dolores Catania has been friends with the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast for many years, so I’m pretty surprised that she was not a part of the show sooner. It makes perfect sense for her to be a cast member since she actually knows everyone very well and it’s very organic for her to be around.

Other than the fact that Dolores knew all of the cast members before joining the show, we don’t know too much about Dolores yet. Thankfully she has opened up about her decision to join the show and her girl Teresa Giudice’s post-prison life.


I don’t really “know” Dolores yet, but I think I’m going to like her. She seems like the type of lady who keeps it real instead of the kind of person who is just over the top about everything for the sake of good TV. Now that more people are starting to care about Dolores, she is doing more interviews and revealing new information.

After the super random casting selections of Amber Marchese and the twins last season, I can’t help wondering why this woman who has been friends with the entire cast for so long has waited this long to join the cast. In an interview with toofab, Dolores explained why she decided to be on reality TV at this point in her life. 

Dolores said, “We were all the original crew and it just wasn’t the time for me when it had started and now I feel like I have a story. I have something to offer. You know, I’m 45, I’m reinventing myself, my kids our grown and things like that. I have to really find my way now.” Which I totally get, but I already like her way more than Amber and the twins so I wish she was on the show earlier instead of those three ever being on the show.

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Reality TV seems like a natural fit for Dolores. She explained, “The easiest part is just that it’s very organic and it’s just very natural for me. You know everyone so well. I know their back stories and I know where they grow up. I know their parents, I know their cousins, I know the schools they went too, so not so much Jacqueline [Laurita], but I also know her from her making her life here in New Jersey. So the easiest part for me was just being around everybody and we had so much fun and so many good times.”

Dolores also emphasized that Real Housewives of New Jersey has the word “real” in it for a reason and that’s why opening up her life to the cameras has been tough at times. Dolores was adamant about how real the show is when she said, “This is real, this isn’t fake. This isn’t some women sitting around, drinking a cup of tea, and saying some snarky remarks. This is as real as it gets, so to see that and to see anyone I care about hurt or upset, it’s upsetting to me and that’s the hardest thing.” Out of all the Real Housewives casts, I feel like New Jersey has the most genuine connections and that’s why it is such a juicy reality show.

Since Dolores has decades of experience with her pal Teresa, it is not at all surprising that she was asked if Teresa has changed after being in prison. Aside from talking about how tough Teresa is and how she’s such a survivor (information that the fans already know), Dolores said, “Her family is her strength, but I know that she misses Joe [Giudice] tremendously. They’ve been together for 20 or so years now maybe, so that person becomes a part of you. That’s hard for her. I know she misses him being there and being there for her.” So Dolores did not really answer the question, but it is very clear that she is loyal to Teresa and I’m pretty curious to see how being friends with everyone in the cast will affect Dolores as this season progresses.


Photo Credit: Bravo