NeNe Leakes

Is NeNe Leakes Coming Back To Real Housewives Of Atlanta? She Drops A Hint On Social Media!

NeNe Leakes is always fronting about how she is way better than Real Housewives of Atlanta and honestly, it’s so annoying. She may be doing a lot of things, but she really isn’t doing anything that great – at least in my opinion. Obviously, NeNe is more successful than I’ll ever be, so I really have no right to say anything, but she’s definitely not too good for the show. 

I mean come on. Kandi Burruss has just as many careers and projects and has way more money, yet she is a very humble cast member on the show. She even took some time out of her crazy schedule (cue my eye roll) to make (several) guest appearances during RHOA’s last season. So now the fans are wondering if she’s right to step back in the ring as a full time cast member next season.


NeNe has been playing this “Will she? Or won’t she?” game in the press for way too long in regard to whether or not she will return to Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her constant hints are make me more frustrated than curious.

It seems like NeNe has got her point across since according to TMZ she has not been around while the show has been shooting. But NeNe, really made it clear that she is not returning when she retweeted that same article which also pointed out how NeNe is “too busy for RHOA.” So without actually saying anything, she has managed to convey so much.

I still don’t believe she’s done though. I’m sure she is going to crave some attention and make a surprise appearance on the show midway through the season. I’m calling it now.

Edited to add: this tea was spilled originally by Tamara Tattles but TMZ didn’t give her credit in their article. Tamara’s sources say that NeNe will likely be coming in part way through the season!


Photo Credit: Bravo