Real Housewives of Orange County recap

Once again, this is another Real Housewives of Orange County season that isn’t look so good for Vicki Gunvalson. Obviously no one is over that whole cancer scam from last year and Shannon Beador is the one really leading the charge. Personally, I think the cast members and the fans would be able to forgive Vicki if she just took responsibility for her actions and stopped changing her story to play up the victim persona.

Everyone has been blinded by love and I don’t think Vicki is an awful person, but her inconsistencies are way too much for Shannon and the rest of the cast. So, when the ladies say something that’s objectively offensive about Vicki, you know the OG of the OC will be ready to pounce so she can successfully defend herself (for once). It’s definitely a good way to get people to stop talking about Brooks Ayers – at least for a minute.


When I was watching the latest RHOC episode, I knew that Vicki was going to go in on Shannon for the comments she made to Tamra Judge questioning why Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson left Oklahoma to move back to Orange County. So I really wasn’t shocked at all when Vicki immediately went in on Shannon in her Bravo blog – and to be honest I don’t blame her.

Vicki opened the blog entry by writing, “Wow, I’m in shock watching tonight’s episode on how Shannon weighs in on my daughter moving back to Orange County. She hadn’t spoken to me in many months when this aired, so how dare her comment anything about Briana and Ryan [Culberson’s] decision to move back to CA. What does she know? Nothing!! What is she talking about ‘strings attached’?”

That was a pretty damning thing for Shannon to say, especially after admitting several times that she was not in contact with Vicki. It makes no sense for her to make baseless assumptions on national television. No matter how you feel about Vicki, you have to admit that Shannon had no clue what she was talking about and that she definitely crossed a line.

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After my first time supporting Vicki in a while, she put her foot in her mouth when she wrote, “Let’s see how she handles things if one of her daughters moves away, and is extremely sick. Let’s see if her and David [Beador] assist her and her husband moving to be closer to her and to get better quality healthcare.”

I get the point that Vicki was trying to convey about Shannon putting herself in Vicki’s shoes since they both have daughters, however, the wording was kind of insensitive.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that it’s fair for Shannon to have it both ways: she cannot want nothing to do with Vicki or her life and then think that she has the right to comment on everything she does as if she is informed. And it seems like Vicki feels the same way since she wrote, “Every time I hear Shannon weigh in on something that has nothing to do with her, it makes me cringe.” This is the first time I have said this in years, but: I agree with Vicki. If Shannon refuses to interact with Vicki, then she needs to get her name out of her mouth.


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