Terra Jole and Christy McGinity feud

It is really killing me not to make some sort of pun about the cast of Little Women: LA having big drama, but I just gotta jump into the good stuff. Everyone who watches the show knows that Terra Jole and Christy McGinity Gibel cannot stand each other.

Shit really hit the fan when they got into a bar fight (while wearing cowboy hats) and Christy ended up filing for a police report. That seemed to be a point of no return because the women are STILL battling it out over the incident.


Christy, Terra, and Tonya Banks tried to remain civil and professional during a live TV interview, but that is far from what ended up happening. I have no idea whose idea it was to have Terra and Christy promote the show in the same interview, but it was TV gold – at least in my opinion.

When initially asked where things stand between them now, Terra and Christy had nothing to say and there was an extremely awkward pause. Terra tried to be comedic and break the tension, joking, “That’s exactly where they stand.” And that was only the beginning of the interview.

Then the interviewer talked about how things still seemed kind of uncomfortable even though Christy dropped the charges and Terra immediately piped in saying that she “didn’t drop them, for the record.” Of course, Christy defended herself and maintained that she did.

Terra wasn’t going to let Christy get the last word so she just had to add, “If you file a police report for a felony assault, it is impossible to drop it. Ask the police, judge, court, anyone.”

Then Christy was instigated even more when they showed a clip of Terra’s husband Joe Gnoffo laying into Christy for filing the charges. When asked about her thoughts on that, Christy was full of a million mixed metaphors with her response: “I don’t respond to negative men. I’ve had enough in my life. It’s better for me to walk away. Opinions are like butts: they all stink. She has an opinion. I have an opinion. That’s the reality of it. It’s our lives. Our lives are like a fishbowl: what you see is what you get. And that’s it.”

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I love how Christy acts like she doesn’t know how to deal with the attention when she is a willing participant on a reality TV show who is doing a live promotional interview. That and the fact that she is a blatant shit stirrer and has refused to provide any proof of her injuries from her fallout with Terra.

After Terra explained that the police report affected her family’s livelihood, Christy decided to pull the bully card (a standard reality TV defense mechanism) when she described Joe’s reaction to the lawsuit. Christy said, “The reaction of it is bullying. And constant. And I’m done.”

It really popped off when Terra’s main girl Tonya spoke up and directly addressed Christy when she said, “You did not get contusions from that.” Terra responded, “No one has ever seen a report or has seen her proof. It’s never happened.”

Then Tonya really went in when she told Christy, “You claimed that you had two contusions from a past relationship. It showed up on an episode.” And that’s the beauty of reality TV, there is always some old footage that can resurface for evidence at any moment.

Needless to say, the interviewer had no idea how to handle the verbal melee, but I’m sure everyone involved is getting off on the attention the interview has received.


Photo Credit: Lifetime


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