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Little Women: LA reuion

It’s been a season of revelation and procreation, and here we are at the end of it all! Season 4 of Little Women: LA ended on a sour note for Briana Renee, whose long-maligned husband, Matt Ericson, was discovered sending d*ck pics yet again to multiple women. To make matters worse, Briana was pregnant at the time with Matt’s spawn baby. And in further heartbreaking news, Briana was rushed to the hospital just this week for pre-term contractions (she’s 6 months pregnant right now) due perhaps, in part, to stress. The situation is sad, no matter how you look at it. But Briana and Matt are capitalizing on their gigantic crapfest of a relationship with a 2-hour Lifetime special May 11 anyway! Because Briana’s family has not been humiliated enough yet? Cripes.

In the mean time, the ladies sat down for a season 4 reunion with a new host (Thank you Jesus!! Last season’s was a passive aggressive wreck!!) to dish the dirt on everything from Matt’s sexting proclivities to Christy McGinity’s totally-legitimate-and-medically-proven “brain injury” to Tonya Banks’ desperate attempt at trapping her a live Kerwin!  (Although we’ll only get to a small portion of this mess in part 1.) Yee haw! Let’s get to it.   


Little Women: LA Recap

Dun dun DA dun DA dun dun! Cue the Imperial March theme because, folks, Matt Ericson is about to stroll right into to his own exploding Death Star! While the inevitable destruction of the dark side may initially come from the merry band of incessant nags surrounding Briana Renee (aka, her “friends”), a new hope springs from within! Because this time, Briana is listening to them. And miracle of miracles – even Jasmine Sorge is on board with the Resistance!

After celebrating her Ride or Die wedding with Clyde, the honeymoon was over when Briana got wind of, what else? More d**k pics! Because, of course, Matt has sent them hither and yon, all across the galaxy. Ah, blessed internet. How we love thee! (Oh yeah – Christy McGinity and Terra Jole continue their bickering over who concussed who, and Elena Gant reveals the gender of her twins. But that’s really just window dressing for the real story at hand here – MORE D*CK PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Thus, we come to the bitter end of a contentious season of Little Women: LA. While babies abound – Terra, Briana, and Elena are all pregnant – Briana must decide whether to stand by her baby daddy, delete all of his social media accounts and pretend like nothing happened, or move on. 



The blessed event is upon us: the day Briana Renee remarries the Clyde to her Bonnie, the Ride to her Die, Matt Ericson (aka Matthew Aaric Grundhoffer). While some of the Little Women: LA ladies are left off of the guest list celebrating their good fortune, one former friend seemingly ambushes Briana’s big day to…show her undying loyalty? Worm her way back into Briana’s life? Get more camera time? Perhaps all of the above! In any case, when Christy McGinity Gibel shows up at Briana’s wedding unannounced, Briana is forced to decide whether to forgive or forget her. 

Terra Jole and Jasmine Sorge are taking a stroll through the woods contemplating the mess Terra has made of her life. After the police report and media coverage of Terra hitting Christy in the head with a glass, Terra sees no need to make amends with her. As for Briana, Terra wants an apology for all of her past lies, but that ain’t gonna happen. So it looks like that’s bridge #2 burned. Jasmine tears up through her hundred foot eyelashes, confessing that she is stressed to the max being Briana’s matron of honor. In further sad news, Briana may not have invited her family to the wedding despite claiming she “wanted to.” Whatever that means. 



On the heels of last week’s bar fight, Christy McGinity Gibel and Terra Jole have nowhere to go…but to the tabloids? The ladies of Little Women: LA sure know how to celebrate good news! After Briana Renee dropped the bomb announced that she’s having Matt’s baby, all hell broke loose between Terra and Christy over Christy’s perceived lies and backstabbing.

We pick up right where we left off: with glasses and accusations flying. Christy is crying in the corner, claiming she’s been injured. Briana tries valiantly to comfort her – with napkins. But dreams of juicy settlements are already dancing in Christy’s head. Jasmine Sorge and Tonya Banks are just trying to sort out what just went down. Jasmine doesn’t quite believe the public throwdown that just occurred. She counts herself lucky that it didn’t happen on her watch in Mexico. But Elena Gant, pregnant with twins – and strangely cool as a cucumber right now – defends Christy as just wanting to get back in Briana’s good graces. Thus, why she hasn’t been #TeamTerrable lately.  



Oh man. It’s finally here: the glass to the head that sent Christy McGinity Gibel to the hospital, courtesy of castmate and long time friend/nemesis, Terra Jole. But before we get to that sorry scene, we must navigate the aftermath of Briana Renee’s bachelorette trip to Cancun, which includes some shocking news. Suffice to say, a whole lotta mess was in store for us on last night’s Little Women: LA.

Matt and Briana are out for an unemployed stroll to discuss the fiasco that was Cancun. Briana gives him her Cliff Notes: Jasmine Sorge tried her best, but Terra lost her f’in mind anyway. The only people Briana is inviting to her wedding now are Elena Gant and Jasmine. Christy is in “guest list limbo,” and the rest of the girls can catch fire, as far as Briana is concerned. Matt encourages Briana to invite her parents to the wedding, but she’s not sure. She weirdly says, “It’s like they’re my parents, but they’re not my parents…you know?” No, I don’t know, Briana. That’s a loaded statement, to put it lightly.  



The Mexican adventure continues for the ladies of Little Women: LA, with part two of Briana Renee’s bachelorette party melting down into a pile of broken friendships – and swimming with dolphins! The tension between Terra Jole and Briana still hangs thickly, metaphorically symbolized by the torrential rain pouring down during the ladies’ hike on Day 3.

Although Terra claims she wants a friendship with Briana again, Briana is wary of her motives. Briana is also exhausted from Tonya Banks’ lecture about her “not looking happy” as a newlywed. But how exactly is Briana supposed to look when she’s endlessly being browbeaten about her marriage by her frenemies? It’s all just too much. 



The ladies of Little Women: LA are Cancun-bound for Briana Renee’s bachelorette party! As with all things when it comes to this group: it’s a mess. Not a little mess. A BIG MESS. 

Since Jasmine Sorge planned Briana’s party, the rest of ladies are left to decide whether they actually want to go. Christy McGinity Gibel is on board, if only to luggage shop by climbing in the suitcases…thereby masterminding her getaway plan if the trip explodes in her face. She fills her mom in on Tonya Banks and Terra Jole‘s feelings on the bachelorette party: i.e. they don’t want to go. Buttttttt…cameras are there. So, who thinks they’ll be there? Yeah, me too. #ContractProblems



In addition to a season-long theme of babies, Little Women: LA seems to be all about theme parties of late. And this episode, no surprise, serves up a little more of both! When Jasmine Sorge announces plans to throw Briana Renee’s bachelorette party in Mexico, responses are mixed – as expected. But the poop really hits the fan at Christy McGinity Gibel’s housewarming party, where a newcomer joins the group, and the controversial bachelorette announcement is made. 

Last week, we were left at the OBGYN’s office, where Elena Gant and Preston were just about to receive the news they’re having twins. (Kind of a moot point since we’ve known this info for two weeks!) Elena is told she’ll likely need a C-section, that the twins are fraternal, and she will have a high risk pregnancy. Because the twins are fraternal, they may not only differ in gender – they may also differ in all of their genetic makeup: i.e., one average sized baby and one little baby. Too soon to tell any of this, but for now, Elena and Preston are thrilled. Yay, babies! Wishing them the best. 


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