Sonja Morgan Is Offended By Luann De Lesseps’s Fiance Talking About Her In The Press

Sonja's Tom? Or Luann's?

There are two things that I’m done with in regard to the current season of Real Housewives of New York. First off, I’m tired of everyone selectively excluding (and picking on) my girl Sonja Morgan. Second, I’m so not here for an entire season with Luann de Lesseps accusing all the other women of being jealous just because she is engaged to Tom D’Agostino.

Needless to say, I’m really so annoyed that Luann acts like she does not care about Tom’s romantic/sexual past, but she constantly puts down Sonja when she talks about her interactions with him. I’m so happy Sonja is finally standing up for herself.


Luann really needs to stop. (Just like the rest of the ladies) I was happy for her to find love. I was just hesitant about how quickly things move. I felt that way and I don’t even know her. I can’t imagine how her actual friends feel. I don’t blame Sonja for explaining herself after Luann’s many accusations of jealousy.

In the beginning of Sonja’s Bravo blog, she wrote, “I’m not a door mat.” THANK GOD. I love Sonja because she is so nice. It really upsets me to see these girls coming for her all the time.

Sonja clarified her initial response to the engagement news, “OMG, I’m so embarrassed at my reaction to Luann’s happiness at her engagement party. My first reactions were territorial, and I was shocked it was the same Tom as in ‘my Tom.’ My really good friend. Now, I’m just worried about her. Again, I want her to be happy, she comes first and it’s making me nervous for her.”

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Can you blame Sonja for feeling this way!? It’s not exactly typical for someone to get engaged after dating for just a few weeks. There is nothing wrong with it, but I think that it’s only natural for a good friend to be cautious about this. Sonja has been supportive, so Luann needs to chill and just enjoy herself instead of stirring the pot.

I also cannot believe Tom has the nerve to minimize his romantic/sexual Sonja in the press and neither did Sonja since she wrote, “Tom also made me mad with recent things he had said to me and the press [minimizing] our relationship and therefore my feelings.” Yep, Tom is really looking like a jerk for trying disassociate himself from Sonja.

Sonja also wrote, “Anyhooooo, LuLu’s never looked better so I better keep my emotions to myself. It’s embarrassing for me, looks like I’m jealous, and I want her happy as long as it lasts. Marriage or no marriage, I just want Lu happy, not hurt and disappointed.”

I have to majorly disagree with Sonja on part of this. Saying that LuLu’s never looked better is ridiculous because this constant talk of jealous makes her look self-involved and pompous. Sonja looks like a friend with reasonable concerns, but is ultimately happy for others who are happy.


Photo Credit: Bravo