Jules and Michael Wainstein

Report: Woman Who Michael Is Cheating On Jules Wainstein With Revealed!

Jules Wainstein reportedly caught husband Michael Wainstein cheating, and their marriage is dunzo, as we already learned.  The Real Housewives Of New York star is already preparing for a contentious and bitter divorce battle. Has Michael’s mistress been revealed as NYC psychologist Elyse Bensusan!? Who appears to be a very married woman herself. Ai, yai, yai, yai! 

Recent photos show Michael and Eleyse holding hands, snuggling, and shopping together in Manhattan. Apparently they are planning to move in together! Jules and Michael are reportedly still residing in the same apartment as they await a separation hearing scheduled for September 8th. 


Interestingly Elyse not only looks shockingly similar to Jules, but she’s also married as well – and still wearing her wedding ring! 

Jules allegedly caught Michael in January – during filming for Real Housewives Of New York – after finding incriminating texts. She kept the information quiet on-camera, but alluded to marital discord, but now a source says Jules and Michael have been having issues for a long time and she is far from the scorned wife she’s playing. 

Michael has repeatedly denied cheating broke up his marriage, and a source connected to Elyse concurs. “The truth is that Jules was having difficulties with this man way before it had anything to do with Elyse,” insists the source.

“…Jules needs help. She needs to get it together and find out what went wrong with her marriage before dragging other people into this,” continues the insider. “It’s really easy to blame someone else instead of looking in the mirror and handling your own business.”

Apparently Michael has long been frustrated by Jules refusing to grow up and get her life together, and he found a more equal partner in Elyse.

“She’s not of the same caliber as Jules. She’s a very smart girl,” snarks the source. “She’s got her own business. She’s a psychologist. She has a life unlike Jules who just seems to want to be in the spotlight.” OUCH. 

The insider also accuses Jules of lying about Elyse to further her own delusion. “Jules and Elyse were never ‘good friends.'”

Photos of Michael and Elyse getting quite close are available at The Daily Mail.

In a bizaro world love square that could only happen on Real Housewives Of New York, Michael met Elyse while out with Jules at a club owned by Elyse’s husband Tsion Bensusan! Yep – complicated. 

Elyse and Tsion married in 2010 and have two daughters. She was supposedly separated from her husband when she met Michael – although sources point out no one is clear when the affair actually began, and how long it has been going on, only that Jules found texts between Michael and Elyse in January (and Elyse still wears a wedding ring today). Oddly, Elyse and Tsion ALSO share an apartment. People – I know real estate is expensive, but COME ON! 

Most recently Michael was spotted picking Elyse up from the apartment she shares with her husband. Then they went shopping AT HOME GOODS! FOR HOME DECOR ITEMS! I just can’t with this mess. Actually, I don’t even think Home Goods sells products that could clean UP this mess! And what is it with Home Goods – do they have a very bad PR contract with RHONY?

After shopping they traveled uptown to drop off their purchases at a townhouse it’s believed Michael and Elyse have recently acquired and are renovating before moving in together? 

This is not the fist time Michael and Elyse have been caught having a tête-à-tête. Earlier this month they were spotted exchanging a clandestine kiss in Central Park, before quickly breaking apart, but lingering in the park. Michael has met at least one of Elyse’s daughters. According to allegations it seems they’ve been conducting some elaborate ruses to keep their affair pretty hush-hush – including masking rendezvous as other activities – like playing with their children in the park (holy grossness, Batman!)  

Well, this is, uh, special. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]