Teresa is receptive to Jacqueline's drop-by

I’m all for kumbaya and all that jazz, but I just feel so awkward watching Jacqueline Laurita go back and forth between talking shit about Teresa Giudice and trying to get sympathy talking about how she misses her. It is so blatantly obvious that Jacqueline wants Teresa to like her. It even seems like she’s more upset about not being Teresa’s BFF than whatever offense she alleges bothers her from years ago.

Her desperation is way too real. Plus, we all know how badly she needs to be on this show and it’s obviously way better to be a part of Real Housewives of New Jersey if you are in Teresa’s good graces. So I am not at all surprised that she put her pride aside and came crawling back to Teresa, but I am honestly a little shocked that she just showed up instead of scheduling a standard RHONJ-style sit down to be more dramatic. But then again, Teresa was on house arrest, so I guess she couldn’t exactly pull that move. At the very least, she could have called ahead of time.


Jacqueline showing up to Teresa’s house unannounced was honestly a little much for me, so I can’t imagine how Teresa felt- especially since she had to film that pivotal scene without any makeup on. Teresa shared her thoughts on that super awkward moment in her Bravo blog.

Teresa wrote, “If I’m being honest here, I was shocked when Jacqueline came to my house to see me. I had no idea she was coming. It was totally unexpected.” Well yeah, you were vacuuming, wearing pajamas, and didn’t have makeup on: if there was ever a reality TV scene that I thought was one hundred percent authentic, this was it. Teresa was definitely not expecting that one at all.

Even though all of the super fans know that Teresa hates Jacqueline these days and has her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga by her side, shit still hasn’t hit the fan as far as the show goes. With that said, I’m very surprised that Teresa wrote, “I’m glad she came. We had a really nice talk. It was great to catch up.” Maybe this really is a renewed and calmer Teresa after all? Even in hindsight, she’s not talking shit about or shading Jacqueline. What a switch up.

It was awkward to read this though: “After sitting there drinking coffee with her at my kitchen table and listening to what she had to say, I felt hopeful about us rebuilding our friendship. New beginnings, you know? It felt good to start fresh. I don’t want issues with anyone. That’s not the way I want things to be.” We all know how this turns out, so it’s really weird to read this blog entry, but I guess Teresa is really making an effort to write it in the frame of mind she had during that time? Or she really is just maturing and calmed down.

I also felt strange watching Jacqueline follow Teresa around like a puppy at Dolores Catania’s birthday party. She literally did everything Teresa said (when she acted out her prison story about the “fish smell”) and she was fawning over her every word. Jacqueline was so pumped to be Teresa’s sidekick again and I felt so torn knowing that they actually cannot stand each other these days.

In regard to the party, Teresa wrote, “I had a really good time with Jacqueline at Dolores’s party, too. It felt like we were building our friendship again and that we were getting where we wanted to be. We laughed a lot and joked about how we always used to call ourselves Lucy and Ethel. It felt good.” It was kind of cute, but if we all didn’t know that this friendship has crumbled, maybe we would have enjoyed the scene a lot more instead of looking for signs of future trouble.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds in the upcoming RHONJ episodes since this friendly reunion is not going to last for too long.

On tonight’s episode:

The ladies of New Jersey are working it with Melissa’s boutique, Envy, officially opening for business, Teresa recording her audio book and Jacqueline and her husband, Chris, making headway on their new business venture. Meanwhile, Dolores and her daughter, Gabby, discuss veterinary school and Later, Siggy confronts Teresa about tabloid rumors.

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