Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: Turn Up or Go Home

Little Women: Atlanta recap

The majority of the Little Women: Atlanta cast is still in Myrtle Beach for Black Bike Week and there is no shortage of trouble to get into.

But first, we join Emily Fernandez back in Dallas. She is out of the hospital and connecting with friends who aren’t throwing appetizers on each other. She meets her friend, who had a healthy baby boy around the same time JJ was born, which is really hard for Emily knowing that she can’t hold her son outside of a hospital. JJ is progressing but this is obviously still very emotional for Emily and she wishes that her boyfriend, Lontel, would be less of a douche and offer more emotional support. Good luck with that.


Little Women: Atlanta recap

In Myrtle Beach, the ladies are ready to hit the sand for some sun and…twerking? These women have barely applied sunscreen and they are already booty shaking all over the damn beach. Melissa, who was only invited because of friend Bri Barlup, is quickly twerk-shamed because she doesn’t want to get up and do it without music. Or maybe she just wants to keep a shred of dignity. Who knows, but Amanda Salinas, Tiny Twin of Twerking that she is, snipes that Melissa must think she’s too good to twerk. Yes, probably.

The fun is short lived when Monie Cashette doesn’t want her beach chair near ex-best friend, Minnie Ross. As the others head to the water to cool off, Minnie tries to have a heart-to-heart with Monie. Minnie knows she is losing her best friend, but Monie can’t deal with someone who is lying all the time. Now that Minnie has had some time to think up an excuse that might make sense, she gives Monie some explanation for the Pastor Troy lie. I tuned out as much as Monie did so I couldn’t tell you exactly what she said but either way, Monie isn’t really buying it and just tells her to fix it and fix it quick.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Ms. Juicy has a surprise for everyone – customized leather vests so they can go hit Black Bike Week. Twerking, talking, and partying in the streets leads to meeting some bikers from Philly (whoop whoop!) who offer the ladies a ride. Melissa has some ground rules, which is don’t mess up her face or body, prompting more eye rolls and accusations of being stuck up from Amanda. Minnie compares Ms. Juicy on the back of a bike to a flying monkey from The Wiz and she takes off with some “eye candy” of her own. Amanda refuses to go for a ride since she has a boyfriend.

After the rides are done, the guys stick around to drink out of red solo cups and Melissa, who is presumably too good to twerk on the beach, doesn’t mind cat walking on grass, shows off her moves. Amanda has a little stuck upness of her own and refuses to party with the guys because she doesn’t know them. She heads back to her room to face time with her sister, Andrea Salinas. I don’t know if she had too much to drink or if she is really that needy but she immediately starts crying to Andrea about how much she misses her, despite the fact that it hasn’t even been 48 hours.

The next morning, the gals are enjoying oranges on the couch and Minnie giggles that she made a love connection with one of the bikers. This one, the women can actually see to believe. Ms. Juicy has more surprises in store and tonight, they are headed to an all-male review. That means male strippers in case you’re Melissa-level unfun and didn’t know!

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Ms. Juicy gets special privileges for being the host and by special privileges, I mean lots of crotch in her face and the faces of all of her friends. These men are oiled up, ready to shake it, and closet freak Monie is loving every minute of it. She has no problem with getting her face crotch pounded and the women look on, terrified for their own faces. Instead of letting the strippers have all the fun, Amanda and Bri jump on stage to show off their moves and make some dollas.

Once back at the house, Minnie is recovering from all the dongs she saw and Monie can’t believe that there are thongs for men. Sex talk ensues and everyone shares the craziest place they have ever had sex. Ms. Juicy did it in a drive through (fast and cheap), Bri on a trampoline (maximum bounce), and Minnie did it on someone’s lap at a cook out, disguised by a dress (ewwwwww, too far!).

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Everyone seems to be getting along great until Bri asks what Minnie and Monie were talking about on the beach the other day. Minnie immediately starts crying and explains she knows she has to build her trust back up with the women and it sounds like there is hope for her and Monie. Melissa wants to know what the women’s boyfriends are going to think about them cutting up in a strip club and Amanda uses that as her opportunity to snap back at her and the nerve she has for asking a question.

Melissa is surprised and says she is just trying to get to know everyone. Amanda, who exists on her own level of self-absorption, thinks this means Melissa is just coming for her and getting all in her business. She’s got some choice neck rolls for Melissa and tells her to stop asking her questions.

The next day, it’s time to leave Myrtle Beach and the Tiny Twins are finally reunited. Amanda fills Andrea in on how stressed out she was without her and dishes on what a goody two shoes Melissa is. She can’t even get into it before Andrea starts wincing from contractions, which are only ten minutes apart. Andrea is only 28 weeks pregnant so Chris, who was totally useless up until now, has her call the doctor as they increase to only 4-5 minutes apart.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

They rush her to the hospital and the doctor orders an ultrasound. The tech who is doing the ultrasound gives a big “uh oh” and proclaims that Andrea’s cervix is like a runway. Nice. Her doctor recommends she stay at the hospital and says she might need a C-section. Andrea is understandably scared and we are left waiting to see what happens on next week’s episode.


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