Ramona Singer Calls Out Tom D’Agostino For Lying

I am so over Luann de Lesseps saying that all of the women on Real Housewives of New York are jealous of her engagement to Tom D’Agostino. No one is jealous. Her cast mates are concerned because of some pretty suspicious facts. All they were trying to do was make sure that Luann was aware of the situation that she was getting herself into

Ramona Singer was surprisingly chill this season, but she’s over that and she’s ready to unleash everything she’s been holding in about Tom.


After this week’s episode, I’m not at all surprised that Ramona’s latest Bravo blog is all about Tom.

Ramona started off her blog by writing, “People seem to be missing the point! It is so clear that Tom has not been truthful. I have been saying this for weeks.” Well yeah. Obviously he is not very forthcoming about a lot of things.

I don’t know about you, but I was dying when Bravo dug into the archives and showed that flashback of Tom hitting on Ramona ten years ago. This was not a good look for him. Of course, she wrote about this in her Bravo blog: “You can clearly see in the flashback from 10 years ago what a flirt he was – and still is. You can see in last night’s episode that, although he might have seemed awkward when seeing me, that’s because the guilt of his untruthfulness is shining through.”

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I couldn’t help laughing at Ramona for this gem: “At this point this is Luann‘s problem, responsibility, or whatever she may call it.”

The thing that I still don’t get is why Luann automatically assumes that anyone sharing information with her is some sort of attack on her relationship. They are just bringing up very relevant (and recent) stories about Tom’s behavior.

Ramona wrote, “None of this is about me! I don’t want to see her in pain or hurt by the type of guy Tom is. But I am not sure that at 50 years old, never been married, and has been around the block more than once, why on earth is Tom going to be any different now that he has put a ring on her finger?”

Oh damn. Those are some fighting words at the end there. The shade was not subtle – AT ALL.


Photo Credit: Bravo