Danny Zureikat Is Still In Touch With The Below Deck Mediterranean Guests; Doesn’t Regret His Behavior

Everyone who watched the first season of Below Deck Mediterranean knows that the only people who Danny Zureikat got along with were the charter guests – which is super awkward since he spent significant more time with the ship’s staff. Danny’s behavior infuriated the crew and distanced him even more from the group.

I can’t tell if Danny was just eagerly going after a tip or if he was building genuine relationships with the charter guests, but weirdly enough Danny has revealed that he is in touch with some of those people.


I’m sure that this is going to anger the other crew members on the Ionian Princess, but the guests really do like Danny. Even the girl Danny scandalously kissed during the season, Morgan, is still in touch with Danny.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish Danny confirmed this when he said, “Yes, we are still in touch. We both live incredibly busy lives, but we make a concerted effort to maintain the connection. She is a great person and I am lucky to have her in my life.”

I honestly thought that the girl just wanted camera time so I’m pretty shocked that they are still talking, but good for them.

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Morgan isn’t the only guest that Danny still talks to. Danny also said, “To this day, I keep in touch with most of them. I’ve really kept up with Jerry Thibeau and those who accompanied him on the charter.” So I guess not everyone on the show hates Danny.

It’s hard to know if Danny was just very extroverted when it came to befriending the guests or if he really did a cross the boundaries of professionalism. Not that I know anything about the yachting industry, other than watching this show, but I don’t see why everyone was so against him bonding with the guests. Considering that they all hate Danny, I wonder if that’s why people were so mad at him talking to the boat guests.

Danny went on to say that he doesn’t have any regrets, “I would say now, my feelings on the issue are more leveled, but I certainly don’t regret what I did. My personality is big. It’s bold. I feed off making others happy. It gives me purpose. When all is said and done, that took precedent with our charter guests.”


Photo Credit: Bravo