Jesus Juice

Being a cast member on any Real Housewives shows provides a lot of opportunities to make money. At this point, I feel like the ladies are coming up with catch phrases and one liners solely based on the potential to sell their own words on a message t shirt.

During the first season of Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond was an avid wine drinker and she loved talking about it. She constantly referred to it as “Jesus juice.” Personally, the first time I heard the term “Jesus juice,” was during the Michael Jackson trial and that is where my thoughts went the first time I heard Brandi utter the words on RHOD.


Brandi Redmond Jesus Juice Tumblers

But at this point, she has said “Jesus juice” so many times that she owns it now and it’s all hers. So I completely understand why she would want to pull this #TotalRealHousewivesMove and incorporate the phrase with an accompanying product that she can sell.

Accordingly, Brandi is selling a “Jesus juice” wine tumbler. The tumbler reads “But first… Jesus juice” and it has a lid on it to ensure that you don’t get sloppy. Or at least if you do get sloppy, the lid will stop you from spilling.

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Brandi shared this news on Instagram: “Coming SOON! So excited for this adorable and pool friendly wine tumbler! Stay tuned for addition, there will be limited quantities! #RHOD #butfirstjesusjuice #winelovers #winetumblersforthewin @shopbrandiland” 

This product definitely fits in with Brandi’s persona on RHOD, so it will be interesting to see if this project goes well. She might be jumping the gun since Real Housewives of Dallas is still so new, but I don’t blame her for trying.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo and Instagram