Meghan Edmonds Gave Jim Edmonds An Ultimatum: Baby Or Divorce

There have been a lot of comments among the Real Housewives of Orange County fandom about Jim Edmonds’s very blatant lack of enthusiasm and support during Meghan Edmonds’s fertility process and pregnancy. Sure, that could have been a bad edit, but at the same time it’s not as if that perceived indifference never happened.

Nevertheless, I can’t help watching the show and feeling bad for Meghan. Even if the editing is just unfavorable, she really deserves more support during such an important time in her life. And that is why I couldn’t help wondering why and how Jim and Meghan decided to have a baby in the first place. Recently, Meghan revealed that here was an ultimatum involved.


I don’t know why Meghan would choose to share this information since it really isn’t a good look, but she did and now I’m sure that the Real Housewives of Orange County fans are going to go in. In an interview with People, Meghan talked about how she persuaded Jim to take his frozen sperm out after he had a vasectomy.

Meghan revealed, “I think I said ‘Baby, or no me at all. All or nothing.'”

Well, that is one way to bring a baby into the world: an ultimatum. This is definitely a quote that should have been elaborated on because I can’t imagine that the public has a positive perception of the situation at all.

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On a happier note, Meghan also said, “It was just such a long process with the IVF, step by step by step with so much information. I’ve always dreamed of this, but it’s still such a miracle. I can’t even describe the feeling.” 

Hopefully Jim gets it together and has been more supportive of Meghan throughout her pregnancy and will also be supportive and involved when their daughter is born.

In the meantime, I have a feeling that we will be subjected to more cringe-worthy moments when the next Real Housewives of Orange County episode airs tonight at 9PM on Bravo.  Tonight’s synopsis: While Vicki revels in the return of her family to Orange County, Heather strives to find a work/life balance on the eve of her book launch. Kelly struggles to figure out Shannon’s motive for setting her up and bonds with Vicki over their shared anger. Tamra plans a last hurrah for Meghan before she gets pregnant, but the sushi party goes off the rails when Kelly loses her cool and crosses a line.


Photo Credit: Bravo