Shannon Beador: “Kelly Dodd Is Flattering Herself To Think I Would Orchestrate Such A Big Ordeal For Her”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador was a guest on Reality Checked with Amy Phillips last week. So, of course, they talked all about the 70s party drama with Kelly Dodd.

Shannon insists she doesn’t know why Kelly doesn’t like her, adding, “I really was nice to her at that boat party. I had tons of conversations with she and her husband so I don’t know.”

Amy asks Shannon if she thinks Vicki Gunvalson got in Kelly‘s ear. “I don’t know,” she says. “It is possible. I don’t know what their agenda is. I didn’t really spend that much time with them [at that point in the season].” As for where Kelly and Shannon stand now, she teases, “It’s a road that takes you up hills and down hills. I will tell you that.”


About the 70s party, Shannon says nothing about the screaming fests that ensued made any sense to her, “I’ve never had a party with screaming like that. I really haven’t. I’m not proud of myself that I was one of the screamers because I don’t do that … It was like I was in a time warp or a movie. It just didn’t make sense.” Shannon acknowledges that, yes, she did storm out of a dinner party in Season 9. But she didn’t scream.

Shannon goes on to say that Kelly has yet to own up to the hurtful things she said to/about Shannon. “In my blog after the 70s party, I said, I am not proud of talking about her affair after she made a very inappropriate comment to my husband in front of my entire party. And I said it on the last episode that I wasn’t proud of myself. I don’t think she really said anything about it.”

What set Kelly off?

Jaci was in the process of telling Tamra and I a story about a history that she had with Kelly and we didn’t even get through the story because Kelly walked in with Vicki. Apparently, and it’s clear Kelly’s made herself very vocal about this, Kelly was upset that Jaci said to her, ‘Well, you weren’t in Deer Valley with him…’ My problem that I have is, if Kelly didn’t want Jaci to bring up a trip that she took with another man, why did she bring up the topic in the first place with her husband standing right there. She thought Jaci was being a little snarky by bringing that up.”

Jaci lives in the same neighborhood as Heather and Shannon, and she helped them with an HOA issue. “They weren’t letting us film there. A month into the season, we still weren’t filming. Jaci helped us get signatures, petitioning, to allow us to film. So, Heather and I had contact with her. That’s why I invited her.”

Shannon reiterates… 1) she did not know Jaci and Kelly have history, 2) she did not set up Kelly, and 3) she is not a liar. “I’ve been on the show now for three seasons and I have been open about things that a lot of people would lie about. I’m not going to start lying now.”

“At this point, I met Kelly three times,” adds Shannon. “She’s flattering herself to think that I would orchestrate such a big ordeal for her. Come on.”

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As for the other scream fest of the night, David Beador vs. Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon says she had no idea because she was too busy being screamed at by Kelly and Michael.

“I had Michael and Kelly both screaming at me at the same time… Heather couldn’t get them to stop. Tamra couldn’t get them to stop,” recalls Shannon, who then went to get David for support. “When I walked in and I saw lights and cameras on David and Vicki and hearing some f-bombs being dropped…oh my God.” Shannon shares that David is embarrassed and not proud of the way he spoke to Vicki.

Shannon says she’s not surprised in the least that Vicki called Brooks Ayers from the limo, surmising, “I think that she misses him, and any excuse that you can come up with to place that phone call, she might do it.”

Amy asks Shannon if there is any chance she and Vicki will be friends again. Shannon is quick to say “NOPE,” then insists, “I have forgiven. I have moved on. I am done with it. I can make a decision for myself that I don’t want to be close to somebody again. It’s just as simple as that. I don’t think about her. She has moved on too. We’ve both moved on. It’s all good.”

Other random tidbits:

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion isn’t until October.

Their house is sold, and they have moved. “The kids miss the basketball court, but they’re happier in the new house. They like it. It’s a neat spot.”

Shannon gushes over her good friend, Jenni Pulos, who went to bat for her against Kelly on Watch What Happens Live.

David and Shannon are doing well. “We’re great. In a couple episodes, it’s a really special episode for he and I. He has never surprised me before – and he surprised me beyond.”

Shannon admits Real Housewives of New York is her favorite “other” Real Housewives to watch. Amy says it is hers too, but, you know, no offense to the Real Housewives of Orange County star sitting across from her. Ha.

David will not fade into the background anytime soon. “He has made a bit of a splash so far. I don’t think he’ll disappoint. He is vocal about certain people on the show and you’ll hear those comments.”


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