Dolores moves on

I love Dolores Catania, but I’m really ready for her to take the reigns in her own life. Not that I know her, but I view her as a friend in my head so I just want her to take care of herself for once.

Dolores does not seem like the type who is going to cause any trouble on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she really does have a story that the viewers can root for. Not only is Dolores (finally) starting to take care of herself, but she has also expressed her desire for her daughter Gabby to live her life differently.


Instead of talking shit about the other Housewives, Dolores opened up about her life in her latest Bravo blog entry.

Dolores shared, “I have always put everyone else’s needs before mine. In my younger years, I put my all into my marriage and my family. I relied on my ex-husband not just for money, but for having a life. I grew up watching the relationships of those around me and wanted what they had; it was all I knew. I watched my father provide for my mother and my family, and my mother cared for all of us with all that she had. When my husband left me pregnant with a little one at my side, everything blew up in my face. I didn’t know if I could go on, but I had to be strong for my kids; I had no choice.”

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Clearly, Dolores has been through A LOT in her life. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her and watching her disposition on the show, but it is often said that the kindest people are actually the ones who have gone through the most hardships in life.

One way that Dolores took charge of her own life was with a beauty makeover to boost her confidence. She got a face lift, neck lift, and more procedures that she has no issue owning up to and showing off.


Not only is Dolores trying to make improvements in her own life, but she is also trying to teach her daughter Gabby to learn from her regrets. Dolores wrote, “If you’re a parent, I’m sure you feel me on this one: We all want better for our kids. Because of everything I went through, I didn’t want my daughter to be reliant on anyone. I love my life, and I am grateful for everything I have, but I can’t help but wish I could turn back time and receive a better education.” 

We are only a few episodes in, but it is very clear that Dolores is a kind person and a devoted mother. It should be interesting to see how her journey goes this season.


Photo Credit: Bravo