Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: How Low Can You Go?

Last night’s episode of Little Women: Atlanta was just chock-full of awkward conversations and accusations.

We pick right back up with Monie Cashette throwing a romantic breakfast in bed all over poor fiancé, Morlin. Why is Morlin wearing scrambled eggs and orange juice, you ask? Because Monie is mad that he took her ex-best friend, Minnie Ross, to pick out her engagement ring. In Monie’s mind, he’s forcing her relationship with Minnie and she says it’s about respect. Clearly, Monie thinks respect in a relationship is a one way street, otherwise she probably wouldn’t have thrown food on the poor boy. Morlin is surprisingly calm about the whole thing and actually apologized TO her so they can resolve their argument and move on.


Little Women Atlanta Minnie

Minnie meets up with Amanda and Andrea Salinas to talk about another engagement choice fall out that isn’t going over well – Monie picking Ms. Juicy to be her maid of honor. Minnie says she doesn’t care, and then says she is really hurt, and then snipes that Ms. Juicy can have fun always being a bridesmaid but never a bride. Minnie forgets that just a few months ago, she faked having a boyfriend, which in my book, doesn’t give her the right to make fun of anyone else’s relationship status. Minnie just sounds really petty at this point.

Monie and Morlin go to get her ring resized and I hope they don’t serve champagne or Morlin might be wearing that too. Monie’s brother and father are coming to Atlanta and she wants Morlin to ask her father’s permission for her hand in marriage. Morlin is nervous and wonders if her dad will accept him. She says if Daddy doesn’t agree, she can’t put the ring back on and she won’t be getting married. That seems a little harsh. I’m all for traditions but come on, Monie – you’re an independent woman, right?

Little Women Atlanta Emily

Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup video chat so Emily can give an update on baby JJ. Emily has to make the decision on whether or not JJ should get a tracheotomy to help him breathe so his development can continue. Poor Emily is totally overwhelmed with the weight of making such large decisions and my heart really goes out to her.

Monie’s dad and brother arrive at the house she has been sharing with Morlin for over a year, which is news to them. This surprise obviously doesn’t go over well and when Morlin excuses himself, Dad zeroes in on Monie and wants to know if this is all she wants out of life. He also busts Morlin for getting up the stairs too slowly and suggests Morlin spend more time in the gym. Understandably, Morlin doesn’t ask for Dad’s blessing today and likely heads to the local YMCA to start a membership instead.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Amanda goes to visit her sister Andrea, who is on bedrest after another stint in the hospital with contractions. Amanda is upset that Chris was causing her sister stress and almost got kicked out of the hospital for all of their childish arguing. Andrea just wants her sister to understand that she is choosing to be with Chris and it’s not up for debate. The conversation goes from zero to sixty and Amanda is screaming at her sister, which is likely what Andrea just endured with Chris and probably isn’t helping her stress levels. It’s obvious that Amanda cares about her sister but feels helpless about the situation.

Monie, looking fabulous in that blue dress, invites Morlin and the girls out to meet her dad and brother. Small talk ensues, Dad has a few chances to bust on Morlin but the talk turns emotional when the women discuss how they were bullied as kids for being small. Even Amanda’s normally silent boyfriend gets all choked up talking about how it’s hard for them to go out and constantly get stared at. This leads to a discussion on who has what type of dwarfism and Monie admits she never got tested to find out, but she is curious. You can see a petty little lightbulb go off in Minnie’s head and she tucks that information away in her head, probably right next to whatever lie she is concocting next.

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To lighten the mood, Ms. Juicy proposes a toast as the maid of honor and of course, Monie’s dad and brother look around, confused. Uhh Monie, did you think you might want to tell your friends that your family doesn’t even know you are engaged? That might have been helpful going into tonight.

Morlin awkwardly jumps up and says he wants to “do things right” and ask her dad’s permission. He’s a little late on that one and Dad doesn’t appreciate being put on the spot in front of everyone. Monie’s Dad says he needs to get to know Morlin better before giving his permission and won’t even shake Morlin’s hand to agree to do that. Monie pulls her dad aside and she gets emotional defending what a good man Morlin is. She needs her dad to trust her judgment and he says he will give him a chance. Not exactly a blessing but I guess it will have to do for now.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Minnie decides to invite the women and their men for a tubing trip down the Chattahoochee River, despite the fact that most of the women can’t even swim. After a few attempts to get into the tubes without tipping over, they all finally set out with their drinks and start to float down the river, Minnie in her beer cooler tube since she couldn’t fit in one of the regular tubes. Everyone is joking around, having a good time. Morlin tips Minnie over right into the water, much to Monie’s enjoyment.

Once they finish up on the tubes, a nice picnic is set up for everyone to relax and hang out. Minnie is looking forward to not being the one always under scrutiny and decides to turn the (picnic) tables on Monie, asking her why she doesn’t know what kind of dwarfism she has. As much as Minnie wants to cause trouble, she still has a bigger bark than her bite and dances around what she is really trying to accuse Monie of. Monie is unaffected but Minnie doesn’t want to miss out on the one opportunity she has to mess with someone else. She finally tells Monie she thinks she isn’t a little person at all, she’s just short and asks why she is even hanging out with them when she doesn’t even know what kind of dwarfism she has. Monie didn’t realize she had to come to the table with a diagnosis to be friends and has finally had it, storming off and leaving Minnie smirking in satisfaction.


Considering Minnie was just crying over how sad she was that her friendship with Monie was damaged by her recent lies, questioning Monie’s genetic makeup is a pretty low blow. It doesn’t look like this friendship will get patched up anytime soon.

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