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Heather Dubrow Explains Why She Wants To Distance Herself From Kelly Dodd

Heather Dubrow can be a hit or miss with people, but I’m personally a big fan. She can seem pretentious at times, but I mean, at least she owns and it laughs at herself with the “Fancy Pants” nickname. With that said, I still didn’t get why Heather was so offended by Kelly Dodd that she attempted to kick her out of the sushi dinner and left crying hysterically.

Obviously, Kelly was completely out of line with her ridiculous antics, but none of it was aimed at Heather… so why such an intense reaction? I 100% get sticking up for friends and being upset that they are upset, but I was confused by Heather getting on the phone with her husband Terry Dubrow and crying about how she “doesn’t want to be associated with her.” Is that really that big of a deal? If it is, then maybe she shouldn’t be on Real Housewives of Orange County because she really has no choice if she remains as a cast member.


Aside from opening up about her husband working all the time, Heather also wrote about Kelly’s craziness in her most recent Bravo blog entry.

Heather is definitely the most articulate out of all the Housewives, so the way she explains her negative feelings toward Kelly actually makes a lot of sense to me. I so don’t blame her for not wanting to be friends with Kelly. The girl brings nothing but negativity to every event. Plus, she rudely (and poorly) imitated Heather.

Heather touched on this when she wrote, “Seeing Kelly again in Palm Springs imitate me and talk negatively about me is exactly why I didn’t want to pursue the friendship. Like I said at sushi dinner – I am sure she’s nice deep down, but her behavior is not acceptable to me.”

Kelly seems pretty immature and honestly desperate to be on this show. She will do whatever she can to stir shit up so she can get screen time – even being extremely rude to the entire cast.

Heather made a lot of sense when she explained, “If my daughter came home from an evening and said, ‘This girl I was with behaved so badly..’ My advice would be to distance herself. Which is exactly what I was doing.” Fair enough, but like I said before, they are both cast members on the same reality show so it really isn’t possible to disassociate from Kelly. Sorry, Heather.

I thought it was big of Heather to go to dinner with Kelly after all she’s done is cause unnecessary drama.

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Heather wrote, “I agreed to have dinner with Kelly because Tamra [Judge] asked me to. She wanted to see if it was possible to mend things. Remember – my last two encounters with Kelly were the 70s party and the sushi dinner. What was I supposed to think???”

Umm yeah, neither of those times were the best reflection of Kelly, or at least I hope not anyway. I don’t blame Heather for not wanting to hang with her after all of that.

Heather also clarified what she meant when she told Kelly that she never said that she didn’t want Kelly around children: “When I said to Kelly ‘I didn’t say that’ about not wanting her around the kids. It was a longer conversation where I meant I didn’t bring it up, because Tamra had…and as I’ve said I certainly agreed with her. Kelly is showing us who she is and it’s not a pretty picture right now.”

I don’t think Kelly seems like a danger to the kids by any means, but I don’t think she is someone that I would ever desire to have around my children. As of now, she cannot keep her shit together at big events.

Heather showed some empathy for Kelly when she wrote, “Anyway, of course I feel bad when Kelly is crying, and she seems remorseful. Who knows maybe it was just an aberration… Twice. Time will tell and we will have to see what happens in Glamis…”

So obviously this is not going to go well. Heather seems pretty ominous with her description of the upcoming episode: “Stay tuned next week for the scariest moment of my life…” Yikes! Poor Heather (and everyone else in the cast), but personally, I am excited to watch all of the drama go down on the next episode.


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