Tamra Judge Describes Kelly Dodd’s Behavior As “Way Out Of The Line And Downright Crazy”

The Tamra Judge that we see on Real Housewives of Orange County these days is a far cry from the Tamra of previous seasons. Tamra used to be the first one to start screaming in a fight, but as of now she has just sat back calmly while Kelly Dodd goes off on the other women.

It’s so weird that Tamra is the peaceful one (for now), but that has not stopped her from dishing on all the drama and sharing what she really thinks about Kelly and all of the controversy she has been involved with.


Tamra did not write in her Bravo blog about last week’s episode and the insanity that went down at that sushi dinner for Meghan Edmonds, but she gave us a two for one special with her latest Bravo blog entry. And as you may have guessed, a great deal of it has something to do with Kelly.

So what does Tamra think about Kelly’s sushi shenanigans? She wrote, “What Kelly did was way out of line and downright crazy. Not only did she call Shannon [Beador] a c*** and me a dumb f***, she called other people names as well. She told Meghan she didn’t know anything because she doesn’t have kids. I have learned that when Kelly is mad she will go off on everyone around her.” Yeah, everyone except for her new BFF Vicki Gunvalson. The woman is an absolute savage when it comes to firing out insults.

I still have no idea why Heather Dubrow felt so personally victimized by Kelly’s craziness that she walked out and called her husband Terry Dubrow from the limo crying, but Tamra disagrees with me on this one since she wrote, “Heather had every right to walk out and get upset.” Yes, it’s true that Heather did have a right to leave, but I just don’t get what motivated her to leave all that sushi behind.

Tamra also talked about that odd girl out dinner that Kelly and Vicki had during the most recent episode and I totally agree with her assessment on this one: “Dinner with Kelly and Vicki was more like a Shannon bashing session. I really do believe that these two bring out the worst in each other.”

And I also laughed at loud because of this: “I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Kelly say that Vicki was the Buddha of Orange County and she wants her to teach her social grace and etiquette.” SAME THOUGHT. There is a lot of information that Vicki could impart, but I don’t think that “social grace and etiquette” should ever be considered her area of expertise.

It has been teased for a while that Kelly and Tamra eventually go at it,  so I am just waiting for Tamra’s turn to come. I have a feeling that the new, zen Tamra will not be present for that showdown.


Photo Credit: Bravo