Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta has been one fight after another this season and this episode won’t be any different. Let the accusations and drinks fly!

Ex best friends Monie Cashette and Minnie Ross have some unfinished business to handle and by business I mean nonsense. Minnie has been dying to fan the shade flames in another direction since she’s been questioned on another one of her tall tales this season. How can she get some of the heat off herself? By accusing Monie of not having dwarfism in front of their group of friends, which is pretty low.


Now that Monie has it confirmed with a doctor, she sits Minnie down to tell her and of course, Minnie has nothing to say. Minnie seems to think that because Monie took all this time to find out, it’s still a victory for her suspicions, even though she is wrong. I do find it odd that the woman who couldn’t and wouldn’t reveal any personal details of her recent pregnancy loss would go in so hard on someone else’s personal health but I guess hypocrisy is what makes the reality show world go round, folks.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Minnie and Amanda Salinas head to the gym because according to Minnie, she needs to keep her body right to find a guy after her relationship with Pastor Troy has ended. So she’s still sticking to that story, huh? She also reveals she used to be a cheerleader in high school, which is as probable of a story as the Pastor Troy one.

Amanda confides how tough things are with her sister, Andrea Salinas. Last week, they had a big blow out and Andrea told her she couldn’t be in the room when she delivers. Amanda is trying to give her some space since she doesn’t want to stress her out and clearly, they don’t see eye to eye.

Ms. Juicy meets up with another set of identical twin little women, Charity and Hope. You thought the Tiny Twins were hard to tell apart? These two are beyond identical and I have no idea how I’m going to keep up here.

Little Women: Atlanta

Charity and Hope invite Ms. Juicy and her friends to a boat party and if you know anything about ANY reality TV show, you know a boat party means rough waters. And it’s already starting because the twins mention they have been hearing about Monie on the streets on Houston. Are all of the cast members rounded up and relocated to the ATL from Texas in some kind of reality TV show witness protection program?

Speaking of Monie, she’s got career on her mind and heads to a voice over audition. Like, a real one, in an actual studio with actual professionals. The only thing out of place is Monie’s attitude towards her work as she gets overly frustrated too quickly. The producer keeps telling her not to make it sound “country” but with each take, Monie inserts more and more twang. By the time she gets called out of the booth, she is already crying. Eeesh, really, Monie? You need to get a thicker skin if you’re going to enter a profession that revolves around auditions.

Luckily, the producer is extremely compassionate and gives Monie a pep talk, then sends her back into the booth for another try. It seems to go well and Monie gets called back a few days later. She gets the part and immediately starts crying again. Monie, come on, get it together and get professional! On a side note, can someone explain to me why there is no flooring in the producer’s office? What kind of business is this when he can’t even get a carpet installed?

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Minnie’s at the salon, trolling for dates on her break, so she asks her boss if she has anyone to set her up with. Another professional hard at work, I see! Her boss does have someone in mind but he’s a little person and Minnie refuses to date another little person. She acknowledges that tall men might just want her to satisfy their fetish but she knows how to spot them and prefers the security they offer her over another little person.

My suggestion to Minnie is to take what she can get right now – her credibility in the man department is shot so she should get a few *real* dates under her belt and see what happens.

Minnie heads out to meet her blind date with Amanda and her boyfriend in tow, just in case it doesn’t work out, which is a lame move. Why can’t these women do anything on their own? But Minnie’s boss got her real good for all her demands and set Minnie up with another little person, even though she knew Minnie wouldn’t go for it.


As the date goes on, Minnie thinks things are going well enough to drop her demands, enjoy his company, and invite him to the boat party. But the universe, and her date, have other plans. He declines, stating that he is scheduled to go to a friend’s lake house that day. Minnie runs back to Amanda to cry.

It’s boat party time, which means the ladies are busting out the wine coolers to turn up. Andrea was ordered to stay on bedrest by her doctor, so there is only one set of twins on this boat, making things considerably less confusing.

Minnie says these twins, who graciously invited her to their party, caught her off guard because they “look like gremlins.” I am liking Minnie less and less as the season goes on – not only does she constantly lie for attention but she is a straight up mean girl and her actions and words are that of the high school cheerleader she thinks she was.


Twerking and swimming ensues and everyone seems to be getting along.

Ms. Juicy had too many wine coolers in the heat and needs to take a breather since she feels dizzy. She gets some water and recovers just in time for the twins to go in on Monie. And boy, do they go in hard. They ask in front of everyone what her real name is and then to tell them all about the food stamps. Everyone is looking confused but Monie knows this is going down and explains that her baby daddy’s girlfriend reported her for not going off Medicaid or food stamps when she started working. She tries to downplay it, but the twins aren’t letting it go and call her out on stealing.

Monie doesn’t want to keep taking the bait and storms down below deck to cool off. Minnie is loving this and while Ms. Juicy goes down to side with Monie, it’s a shame she didn’t stick up for Monie in front of everyone.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

After a few quick minutes of what was supposed to be calming down, Monie decides she does want to take the bait and stomps back upstairs to confront the twins. Clearly, these chicks didn’t watch last season (or this season) because a drink is close by and you know Monie is going to throw it. She does and it escalates but it’s to be continued until next week to find out just how far this fight goes. Here’s hoping this boat is up to code on life rafts!

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