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The fans in Bachelor Nation have always been very devoted, but the recent announcement that Nick Viall was chosen as the latest Bachelor has really put the fandom into overdrive. The news broke over a week ago and the Bachelor fans have a lot to say about it. One of those fans is Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lauri Peterson who wants her daughter Ashley Zarlin to join the show and date Nick Viall.

Nick was already on three reality shows in the Bachelor franchise, so why not bring in someone from Bravo? Yes, it’s a super random idea, but it would probably bring some additional viewers to the series. The only real issue that I see is that Real Housewives of Orange County is a Bravo show which is a part of the NBC Universal family and The Bachelor airs on ABC, but that might be irrelevant since Lauri hasn’t been a full time Housewife in years. But anyway, let’s get back to the story here.


Since I am one of the Bachelor fans that would love to date Nick, I totally get why Lauri would want her daughter Ashley to do the same. When Bachelor producer Elan Gale tweeted, “Casting for the next season of The Bachelor ends VERY soon,” Lauri quoted the tweet and wrote, “What are you waiting for @ashleyzarlin?” 

Someone responded to Lauri and wrote, “How do we submit her for Nick’s season ASAP?” and Lauri revealed how serious she is about this idea when she replied with, “I’m not entirely sure! Someone….HELP!” Judge me if you must, but I have to admit that this makes me wish that my mom pushed for me to date attractive men on reality television. If only…

What does Ashley have to say about these Twitter exchanges? She did not actually say anything (yet), but she retweeted her moms tweets and several other posts about Lauri wanting Ashley to date Nick. That sounds like she is on board with the idea and I am so in support of this! 

Lauri also got in on the retweet game to drum up more support for her Ashley’s quest to pursue Nick.

On the other end of the relationship spectrum, Lauri is one of the few Real Housewives cast members who is actually a wife. She got married to George Peterson on the show in the most perfect TV wedding. Not only are they still together, but they seem to be a very happy couple.

Lauri posted a pic stitch with wedding photos on Instagram to commemorate her wedding anniversary and wrote a sweet caption to go along with it: “And they lived happily ever after.  #9yearsandgoingstrong  #weddinganniversary  #9years  #stillinlove  #love  #myluckycharm”

It’s nice to see that Lauri and George are still going strong as a couple, which is something I (and some other RHOC fans) would love to see for Ashley and Nick. Let’s make this happen – the Real Housewives and Bachelor crossover would be amazing. I am ALL about this idea.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]