Shannon is annoyed with Vicki

Once you burn a bridge with Shannon Beador… no amount of colonics, cupping, or acupuncture will rebuild it. Such is the island of Shannon‘s heart that Vicki Gunvalson finds herself stranded on! Even if Vicki finds herself in the hospital after a ATV accident!

Shannon explains why she chose to continue to keep her distance from Vicki by not visiting her in the hospital. Also, she defends fellow Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds.


“I was taken aback when I heard about the accident on the golf course. I was perplexed that no one chose to call me and let me know the news,” begins Shannon. “When Meghan told me her account of her conversation with Heather and Kelly, the accident did not sound serious. Meghan said that Kelly and Heather were laughing and that Kelly was drinking a beer. In the show you can see that there are multiple champagne bottles open as well.”

“When I heard Tamra [Judge]’s story of what happened in the accident, I became very emotional. Tamra is one of my best friends and I had no idea the accident occurred as she described,” explains Shannon. “Before Tamra hung up on Meghan, I kept trying to say that the most important thing to focus on was that everyone was all right and not seriously injured. It seemed as though everyone was taking out their understandable aggression in the wrong place.”

Given that Vicki is not her friend, Shannon maintains that she is “completely justified” in skipping the hospital visit. “A friend would not be doing or saying the things that Vicki is recently connected to,” she adds. 

Shannon says Meghan was in “constant contact with Vicki at the hospital to get updates on her condition” and Meghan relayed “each update.” Which is how Shannon knew Vicki wasn’t as injured as the ladies were purporting. “I was shocked at dinner when Meghan showed me selfie pics that Vicki had taken of herself. If I were injured, that would be the least of my concerns.” Yet filming a reality show after her husband has an affair wasn’t the least of her concern?

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“To everyone who says I don’t have a sensitive or kind side, I do,” Shannon insists. “If Vicki had been admitted for her injuries, it would have been a different story. Fortunately for her, she was released with only a neck brace. Vicki has basically done nothing but lie to me in the last year and a half, and I want nothing to do with her.” 

Tamra admits things were initially awkward with Tamra and Heather because Shannon was upset over Heather’s treatment of Meghan. “Heather has moved on with Vicki and I don’t think it is reasonable that she is threatening her friendship with Meghan over what is clearly a misinterpretation.”

“I can’t help but think that some of the shock/frustration/fear of the accident is being taken out on Meghan,” Shannon notes in her Bravo blog. “I don’t think she had any ill intent when it came to the accident. I don’t think any of us did for that matter. Everyone is alive and ok. That blessing is what everyone needs to be focusing on…not pointing the finger.”

Shannon warns us, “Continue to watch this season as it unfolds, and you will better understand why my decision was justified.” Yeah, I will wait… considering Tamra is involved I’m reserving judgement!  


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