Heather Dubrow and Vicki Gunvalson

Heather Dubrow Isn’t Friends With Vicki Gunvalson; Still Cares About Her Family

I don’t understand anything that Vicki Gunvalson does on Real Housewives of Orange County. She is always crying to get sympathy from the viewers because no one in the cast wants to be friends with her, yet she refuses to apologize for anything that she does – ever.

No one is here for that, Vicki – especially Heather Dubrow. She has always been a no nonsense chick, but she is really laying down the law when it comes to how she will treat Vicki after all of the Brooks Ayers-related craziness. In the most recent episode Heather declared that she is going to regard Vicki as an “acquaintance” instead of a friend from now on.


In all honesty Heather has no choice but to be acquaintances with Vicki. They are both cast members on the same show and they’re contractually obligated to hang out with each other, talk about each other’s lives, and go on some tension-filled vacations together. At this point it is next to impossible for Heather to rid Vicki from her life – unless she pulls a Shannon Beador and straight up ignores Vicki to her face.

Heather even wrote some nice(ish) things about Vicki in her Bravo blog: “Vicki and Briana[Culberson] are fun to watch together…and heartbreaking. I hate to see Briana still so sick. She has been dealing with health issues for years and I hope coming back to the OC with her original doctors will help. Many people have strong opinions about Vicki, but I will tell you this, she loves her family and takes amazing care of those little grandsons.” 

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I can’t tell if this is shady or not, but Heather also wrote, “I liked how Kelly [Dodd] was talking about how she sees herself in Vicki. It makes sense why she’s attracted to her. As I said at the table — we have all loved Vicki, just not our experience from last year.” It’s hard for me to figure out if she’s saying it’s sweet that Kelly thinks that she and Vicki are kindred spirits or if she is just slyly telling us that she can’t stand Kelly as much as she can’t stand Vicki.

I felt vicariously awkward watching Vicki cling to Heather at Kelly’s beach party, but it was nice of Heather to talk to her when pretty much everyone else there couldn’t be bothered to. Still, it had to be so strange having someone you don’t even want to be friends with trying to shoot the shit with you to relieve her to distract herself from being a social pariah. 

Heather made it clear where she stands on that when she wrote: “I spent quite a bit of time with Vicki at the start of the party talking about Briana’s health situation. The bottom line is, even if I don’t agree with Vicki‘s actions from last year, we have been friends for a long time and I care about her family.”

Damn. The OG of the OC is really at her lowest low these days. It will be interesting to see if/how she bounces back as the season goes on.


Photo Credit: Bravo