Ramona Singer And Bethenny Frankel Call Out Luann De Lesseps; Call Her “LIEann”

The Real Housewives of New York reunion episodes were painful to watch. It was wild seeing the ladies go in on Bethenny Frankel for her delivery of news after she told Luann de Lesseps that Tom D’Agostino kissed another woman in public (and was caught on camera).

Everyone was so caught up in shooting the messenger that pretty much no one condemned the cheater himself. Luann even went so far as to blame herself for getting in a fight with Tom the night that he strayed. It was painful to see her disrespect herself in that way. And now Bethenny and Ramona Singer are calling Luann out on social media.


I love Luann and I’m happy that she seems so happy, but this whole thing is just crazy to me. She really seemed more upset by Tom being so public with his behavior than by the behavior himself. It was rally disheartening and as much as I feel bad for her humiliation, it is hard to deny that she is hurting herself with her own reaction.

Don’t get me wrong, good people do bad things and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are awful humans, but Luann blaming herself for Tom kissing another woman and deflecting on Bethenny was just not at all okay. 

When I was scrolling through my social media feeds this morning I just thought that Ramona and Bethenny got the new iOS update and autocorrect just kept misspelling “Luann” when they kept writing out “Lieann” Then a minute or two later, I realized that the joke flew over my head – but in my defense this was a pre-coffee social media scroll. They were calling her LIEann and I totally get it now. SMH, me. But anyway, they’re not kidding around. They mean business.

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Ramona posted a screen shot to promote the reunion episode and wrote, “Reunion part 3. #really #lianne?” in the caption to a photo her holding up her phone with evidence on the screen. So it’s safe to assume that Ramona will not be attending Luann and Tom’s wedding, not that she was invited.

Bethenny continued the Luann insults when she tweeted, “It’s my fault Lieann’s man made out w a playmate the pm before her engagement party & I should’ve showed the shit stirrer the pic. #imean.” It really does seem like Luann is more upset by the news becoming public than by Tom actually cheating on her pretty much immediately after he proposed. Bethenny agrees with that sentiment since she wrote “not getting caught” in response to a fan wondering about Luann’s “definition of cheating.” Cold, but true.

When a fan tweeted, “@Bethenny calling Luann “Lieann” was the realest thing this whole season #rhony,” Bethenny quoted it and wrote, “At least she is consistent.” Bethenny is pulling no punches, here. She is so done with getting ripped on for sharing the truth.

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Not only did Luann take issue with Bethenny for telling her the truth instead of letting her read about it in the press, but Dorinda Medley seemed to be super offended by this as well. A viewer wrote, “Why did @DorindaMedley focus more on HOW @Bethenny told @CountessLuann vs what a schmuck Tom was to cheat on Luann? #RHONY”

I have been wondering this for weeks! I can get being annoyed that Bethenny told the other cast members about it first, but it really didn’t seem like she was trying to gossip. It honestly came off like Bethenny was just trying to gauge opinions about how to handle the news. In response to that tweet, Bethenny wrote, “That’s the million dollar question. It’s the twilight zone.” Honestly though. People are really emphasizing the wrong thing with this controversy. 

It was also so painful and awkward watching Luann try to sell her relationship and justify why it’s so great with the yacht, the ring, skiing, and other random aspects. Ramona echoed those thoughts when she tweeted, “If I hear her say the yacht the yacht one more time…she is beginning to sound like #Tattoo from #FantasyIsland TV show #theplane #the plane.”

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Is it worth lounging on a yacht if your man is making out with other women in public? I would like to think that most women would answer “no” in response to that question. 

Initially, I felt sorry that Luann was humiliated in public after bragging about being in love and getting that yacht, but it is hard to have sympathy when she seems to be perpetuating the joke and making the situation worse.

A fan wrote, “@Bethenny Luann says she and Tom have the same sense of humor – does that mean they both like her being the butt of the joke #RHONY” Bethenny quoted that and replied with, “Interesting choice of words,” because what else can she say at this point? Luann is on a mission to make Bethenny and even Ramona the enemy in this situation when all they’ve tried to do was look out for her and prevent her from looking like a fool in public. It really is a sad situation and it’s been made even worse by Luann turning a blind eye and emphasizing the wrong things.


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