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The last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was more dramatic than I could ever imagine and it surprisingly didn’t involve anyone screaming at each other. It was more of a subtle drama that made the cast members and the viewers question Meghan Edmonds and Shannon Beador after they had virtually NO reaction to Heather Dubrow telling them about Vicki Gunvalson getting in a serious accident.

I feel like a lot of people understand why Meghan and Shannon don’t want to be friends with Vicki after her antics last year and her lack of actual apologies, but not going to see someone in the hospital who had no one there to help her was really harsh.


I’m sure that Meghan and Shannon’s Twitter mentions are blowing up after that last episode aired. Not only that, but Heather called them both out in her Bravo blog.

Heather wrote, “I can’t believe how long it took Meghan to tell Shannon about the accident, Meghan was very clear from our call and subsequent texts on the severity of the accident.”

Yeah, I’m very curious about that as well – what was so urgent about hanging out at Meghan‘s spare house that took precedence over their friends – or at the very least, cast members – almost dying?

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Heather explained, “I assumed that when Shannon arrived Meghan would tell her and then call me. That’s why I got so fired up. Meghan knows me, she knows I’m not a histrionic person and I would expect her to take what I’m saying at face value.”

I don’t understand how Meghan misunderstood the severity of the accident when Heather said Vicki was airlifted out of there and in the hospital. That sounds very serious to me even without any additional details. Ultimately, Meghan and Shannon both ended up looking heartless in response to Heather sharing the horrific news with them.

It’s clear that Heather put the blame for Shannon‘s reaction on Meghan, “After watching the episode I understand why Shannon didn’t want to go see Vicki. She didn’t understand the severity of the accident. She thought it was no big deal, so of course she wouldn’t rush over there. They aren’t friends and it makes no sense.”

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I still think that hearing about someone Shannon used to be super close with is in the hospital should have been enough for her to go visit – especially since she had no one else who was there for her.

And the other thing that I don’t understand in regard to Meghan‘s reaction was that she was just at Vicki‘s birthday. Heather was also confused by that, “Meghan had just been at Vicki’s house for her birthday and brought her a gift. Again, that’s why I couldn’t get over the non-responsive attitude.”

While I do think that Meghan being the messenger did skew Shannon‘s view of the accident, Shannon did know that Vicki was in the hospital and that she reacted poorly (even given the information that she knew).


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