Tamra Judge Doesn’t Get Why Meghan Edmonds And Shannon Beador Didn’t Go To Glamis

I am always thrown when Real Housewives cast members bitch about being associated with each other and going to group events. If you don’t want to be a part of the friend group, you don’t have to: just quit the show. That’s why I think it’s so weird that Meghan Edmonds and Shannon Beador do whatever they can to avoid Vicki Gunvalson. And this is obviously why they both avoided the trip that Tamra Judge planned in Glamis.

Vicki is the only original cast member remaining on The Real Housewives of Orange County so it blows my mind that anyone has the gall to try and ostracize her. I’m not even a Vicki Stan – by any means – but come on. Let’s be realistic – there is no Real Housewives of Orange County without Vicki. Resisting that fact of life is not the move to make – cough cough Meghan and Shannon.


I was pretty proud of Tamra for not flipping out when she called Shannon and Meghan about the Glamis trip. They were clearly reaching for excuses since they previously avoided the invite several times. So I’m shocked Tamra did not call them out, but good for her. Definitely a sign of maturity.  

Tamra opened up about this in her most recent Bravo blog. Tamra wrote, “I had not gotten an answer from Shannon or Meghan. I had asked Shannon at dinner at her vow renewal if she thought she was going and she really didn’t give me a straight answer. I knew Meghan would not be able to ride in the dune buggy.”

I get why Meghan would want to be cautious with the pregnancy, but Shannon citing the opinion of a random medical specialist who supposedly told her not to be around sand was downright comical.

It’s not like the dune buggy aspect was required on the trip and these women are CAST MEMBERS on the show. Why wouldn’t they show up to a cast event? It would definitely be a good thing to do if they wanted to be asked back in the future. Tamra emphasized that point when she shared, “But in my opinion the best part of Glamis is hanging out at the campsite. I love the outdoor cooking, not getting dressed up, the good conversation around the fire pit, kids running around – it’s a real bonding experience in my eyes.”

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I agree completely, plus they can’t just duck out of events because they don’t like people. I mean come on, THEY GET PAID to hang out with these people. Quit the show if it sucks that much.

I had my doubts, but maybe Tamra really is a reformed shit stirrer. Is Tamra the Peacemaker legit? It sure seems like it could be.

With that said, Tamra wrote, “When I called Meghan and Shannon and they told me they were not going I was not mad at them, but I was disappointed. I thought it would be kinda therapeutic for all the girls to be together cooking, eating, laughing and having old fashion fun. I want everyone to get along and camping has a way of doing that for people.” So true, Tamra.

The most interesting part of this blog, was when Tamra held her tongue, “Watching the episode I am a little socked at the way Meghan responded to Heather [Dubrow]…more on that next week.”

And I am so curious about how that’s going to go. Meghan made a dumb move when she decided to respond to Heather‘s news about Vicki being in a nearby hospital with total indifference. For months, people understood why Meghan didn’t like Vicki, but now, Meghan is giving Vicki the chance to be a victim. I’m sure this will blow up in Meghan’s face, especially given what Tamra wrote.


[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]