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If you watched the season premiere of Don’t Be Tardy, you know that Brielle Biermann’s relationship with Slade Osborne is over. But don’t worry – Kim Zolciak’s daughter didn’t stay single for too long despite what you will see on the show – that filmed months ago. Brielle actually has a new boyfriend named Michael Kopech and apparently the dude is pretty similar to Kroy Biermann, at least according to Kim.

Yeah, I think that can seem like an odd thing to say, but it’s not like Kroy is Brielle’s birth father. Also, it’s Kim who makes the comparison, not Brielle. It’s not as if they are doppelgangers. And aside from that, who wouldn’t want to date someone like Kroy? He really is the ideal boyfriend/husband material. So hopefully for Brielle, Kim’s assessment is spot on. Aside from (what I think is) a flattering comparison to Kroy, the ladies shared a little more about Michael.


Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech

Kim and her daughter discussed Brielle’s newest relationship in an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. They were introduced by a mutual friend and then they started talking on Twitter – pretty standard nowadays.

Brielle described her new boyfriend by saying ,”He’s pretty nice; he’s really sweet.” She elaborated a little more, “He’s just thoughtful. He’s very thoughtful and I’m not used to thoughtfulness and I feel like I’m pretty abrasive sometimes because I’m not used to someone who is so nice, very relaxed, and chill. I’m used to rude people.”

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It’s hard to tell if Brielle‘s shading her ex or just solely complimenting her current beau, but it is clear that she is genuinely happy and that’s what matters when it comes down to it. Kim also added, “You wouldn’t appreciate Michael if you didn’t have a little bit of chaos prior.”

Aside from describing Michael as “no drama,” Kim could not help comparing him to her husband: “He’s super nice. He’s like a mini Kroy, blonde [and] blue eyed, comes from a very small town in Texas. [He’s] very humble, easy moving, drives a big ol’ truck kind of the same [as Kroy]. It’s funny.”

Hopefully for Brielle she found her Kroy and, hopefully for the viewers, this romance is shown on the upcoming episodes of Don’t Be Tardy.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo and Instagram]