Jacqueline can't stay out of Teresa's family issues

Jacqueline Laurita Thinks Melissa Gorga Was “Insensitive” Toward Kathy Wakile & Rosie

Ever since Jacqueline Laurita shared her family’s financial difficulties during the premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, I can’t help feeling like she’s determined to stay on this show. Don’t get me wrong, I would feel the same way, but I feel like she’s just such a shit stirrer, especially when it comes to Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s family drama. She seems like more of an instigator than a peacemaker since she has no qualms interfering and criticizing Teresa and Melissa for how they handle familial issues.

Now, Jacqueline has taken it upon herself to be the crusader for Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. I know she is legitimately friends with them and cares about their well-being, but I feel like she is always riling them up to talk shit about Teresa and adding fuel to the fire. Sure, a big part of being on reality TV is talking about your feelings to create story line, but Kathy and Rosie are not even Housewives, so it’s a little much for me.


Let’s keep it real: aside from the occasional Jacqueline outburst and some Laurita family updates, this show revolves around Teresa and Melissa. So I can see why Jacqueline and Siggy Flicker stuck their noses in the other women’s family business: it’s a guaranteed way to get screen time.

Nevertheless, I feel like Siggy and Jacqueline were both way too pushy during the last episode. There’s a difference between wanting to help and inserting yourself into another person’s drama. They should take a cue from Dolores Catania who has managed to be friends with pretty much all of the original cast members without stepping over the line and being intrusive.

As expected, Jacqueline defended her meddling attempt at peacemaking in her latest Bravo blog.  As soon as Melissa and Joe Gorga walked into that gathering at Kathy’s, Jacqueline instigated the conversation about Teresa’s relationship with her cousins and I couldn’t help agreeing with Melissa’s remark about Jacqueline being more invested in it than Rosie and Kathy seemed to be. She didn’t come off like peacemaker to me.

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Jacqueline insisted that she was only trying to help: “Bottom line is that, at the time, I was so invested in our group unity because I felt we were all part of such a close group (read between the lines).”

I can tell that she does care about Teresa, no matter how much they hate each other at any given moment, but Jacqueline was way too pushy trying to instigate the Kathy and Rosie emotions with this one.

Given the animosity between Jacqueline and Melissa that has been teased for what feels like forever, she took it upon herself to throw shade at her too: “I have to say, what annoyed me most about that night at Kathy’s house is how insensitive Melissa was toward the pain Kathy and Rosie were feeling at the time, especially when she used to vent to all of us about Teresa in the past and we would always listen, comfort her, and try to get things to a better place.”

I don’t think Melissa was being “insensitive” to Kathy and Rosie at all. She defended her sister-in-law and put Jacqueline in her place for being overly invested in her family’s problem.

Jacqueline further explained, “Didn’t Melissa just tell me at our last lunch alone together that she wanted me to be able to talk to her about Teresa (when I didn’t want to)? I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t allow Kathy to do the same. I thought maybe she would want to help her and Rosie in some way.”

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Right, Kathy and Rosie wanted to vent about this situation. It’s more like Jacqueline forced the conversation to happen. Plus there’s a difference between venting to someone and asking for feedback than talking shit in front of a group of people and taking unnecessary shots at someone’s marriage – cough cough Rich Wakile.

After Jacqueline already made a bad situation even worse and lit a fire under both Kathy and Rosie, she decided to act like she was all enlightened and neutral in this situation: “Unfortunately, I learned that in this particular situation it was apparent that it was every man/woman for himself/herself and it was only upsetting Teresa and Melissa by pushing the issue. That’s when I decided it was time for me to take a step back and let them resolve things themselves on their own time.”

Girl, you didn’t “decide it was time” for anything. Teresa shut that situation down after you already did all the shit stirring that you possibly could.


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