Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: Recycled Drama

Little Women: Atlanta focuses on motherhood this week – the good, the bad, and the pukey.

With baby Aubrey still in the NICU, Amanda and Andrea Salinas head to the gym with Minnie Ross to work off some of those bad vibes from the psychic dinner gone wrong. Minnie feels like the psychic was a fake but right on cue, the lights in the gym go out. Minnie is spooked but the real issue here is that The Other Twins stirred up drama yet again and Minnie is pissed Ms. Juicy jumped on the opportunity to question her miscarriage. I would like to think, along with Minnie, that issue has been put to bed, but Ms. Juicy isn’t about to give up that bone.


Although Minnie says she will never be friends with Juicy, she still has a friend in Andrea – since her loser of a baby daddy took off, Andrea asks Minnie to move in with her. The offer is motivated by part fun (roomies!) and part necessity (babysitter!).

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Ms. Juicy decides after the psychic dinner of shade, she’s finally done with The Other Twins, so it looks like maybe we won’t have to see any more appearances out of those two. I hope they enjoyed their fifteen minutes! Monie Cashette joins Juicy at her hair salon (good thing it’s not to work, right?) so they can discuss the details of last night’s dinner. Although Monie thinks the psychic was “fake as hell”, she knows her psychic vibes were spot on when it came to her dealing with her anger issues before she gets married. So I guess the night wasn’t a total waste.

Minnie has to tell her mom that she is moving out to live with Andrea and she knows her mom won’t take this well. Her mom does make a good point that moving in with Andrea to help will just turn into one long adventure in babysitting. Minnie wants to take her dog with her but Tammie says nope, she’s keeping the dog and also expects child support so she can pay for dog food. That seems a little steep; just how much are biscuits these days?


Bri Barlup wants to get her adorable son, Meek, into modeling and I couldn’t agree more. The kid is a natural when it comes to his photoshoot for some head shots. Just don’t expect him to wear a tux – Meek has to draw the line somewhere and decides he’s had too much. Trouble is brewing with Wooda because he thinks modeling isn’t something his child should be doing until he is old enough to decide for himself.

Monie has agreed to take anger management classes, thanks to fiancé Morlin insisting. The counselors are one question in and see how much work they have ahead of them but press on anyway. They take Monie and Morlin outside and make Monie yell things about her anger. She quickly gets overwhelmed with emotion and decides to take the whole thing seriously. Monie admits after she screamed at a bunch of trees that she does feel better.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Baby Aubrey will be home from the NICU in a few days, but first, Minnie has to move in. She gets the room with the closet door punched in (courtesy of deadbeat dad, Chris) while Andrea gets emotional over the fact that she has to raise their daughter on her own. Andrea recovers just in time to be annoyed with Minnie scraping up her daughter’s crib when moving it to another room. She also learns that while Minnie might be able bodied to help out in theory, in practice, Minnie can’t deal with the reality of baby puke.

Now that head shots are done, Bri and Wooda are meeting with an agent to see how they can get Meek into modeling. Correction, how Bri can get Meek into modeling. Wooda still isn’t on board with the whole thing, despite Bri’s pressing. The agent is overly optimistic and goes on and on about how much a kid has to love modeling. Wooda still isn’t convinced by Agent Sunshine and the next day, continues to argue with Bri about his disapproval. Bri thinks modeling will help Meek’s confidence as a little person but Wooda just thinks Bri is being pushy about what she wants.

Little Women Atlanta baby Aubrey

Aubrey is finally home and Andrea is ready to have the girls over to show her off. She looks adorable in her little cheetah print (which just so happens to match Minnie’s cardigan). Once all the ladies have arrived and settled into eating, Juicy asks Andrea about Chris and where he is. Andrea deflects and explains how Minnie is moved in now. Once Ms. Juicy hears that AND the fact that Minnie is being crowned Aubrey’s godmother, she doesn’t even bother to hide her disapproval. She laughs and eye rolls, saying she’s ok with it, but quickly decides to turn the shade up a notch.

Ms. Juicy presents Andrea with a few gifts for baby Aubrey and Minnie immediately notices she recycled the gift bags from her surprise baby shower that turned out to be a disaster, since she was forced to admit that she had a miscarriage/wasn’t really pregnant. Recycled baby shower gift bags would be fine on their own but Juicy digs deep and keeps on digging, bringing out the recycled plates and decorations too, saying she doesn’t want them to “go to waste”.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Minnie, clad in her hot pink “Mama Bear” shirt (why??), has had enough and storms to the front door, throwing out the offensive recycled baby shower gear into the hallway and demanding Ms. Juicy leaves. It’s Andrea’s apartment so the decision gets put back on her and she stumbles through a polite agreement with Minnie, so Monie and Juicy head out.

A few days later, while Amanda, Andrea, and Minnie are enjoying taking care of Aubrey, guess who walks in the door like nothing happened? Ugh, Chris. Andrea doesn’t want to confront him but Amanda won’t let it go and asks Chris why he left his girlfriend and newborn baby. With one headphone still in, Chris mumbles something about getting cool air. Andrea tells Minnie she is welcome to stay, even with Chris being back, but who would want to stay in that awkward mess of a situation? I hope Minnie runs right back to her mom’s house with a big box of dog biscuits.


Unfortunately, we have to end this episode on a sad note. Bri, Monie, and Ms. Juicy go for a walk and Juicy asks about Emily Fernandez and Baby JJ. Bri starts to cry and we hear the first of some really sad updates that JJ isn’t improving. Bri is going to Dallas to offer Emily emotional support in person and you can see how hard this is for Bri to process. Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending and I’m not sure how it will play out on the next few episodes, but I’m sure we can all agree Emily deserves all the love and support her friends have to offer.

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