Terra Jole and Sasha Farber on DWTS

It’s so crazy that Terra Jole threw herself into Dancing With the Stars just a couple weeks after giving birth to her second child. I’m a (relatively) healthy person and I feel like I would die from the rigor of competing on Dancing with the Stars, so I have no idea how a new mom is able to do that so soon. So it’s really not at all surprising that Terra opened up about how strenuous the show is on her body.

Not only is Terra a mother to a newborn, but she is also a little person, so she really has a lot to manage when it comes to competing in such a physical competition. And even with all that, she is still doing very well on show.


Terra opened to Us Weekly about the difficulties of being a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. The Little Women: LA star revealed, “I was actually scared when we first started, petrified is probably a better word because it was only three weeks out of my C-section, and I had to get a doctor’s approval just to be able to do the show!” THREE WEEKS!? Wow. I have no idea how she’s pulling this off.

Terra added, “It was definitely scary. Most people aren’t allowed to do heavy exercising or even take a bath until six weeks after. So the fact that now not only am I dancing with Sasha [Farber], but I’m doing well, I feel like I’m my own biggest competitor in this world. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Who’s your biggest competition on the show?’ But honestly it’s myself because each week I just want to get better and better.” Good for her, though. She honestly is really getting this shit done.

Yeah, Terra is doing well, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t in some serious pain. Terra explained,  “Every different dance makes my body hurt for a totally different reason. I compare it to like, being hit by a car but in different directions!” Oh god. And in contrast I get winded walking up a big flight of stairs. That shit sounds painful.

As a fan of the show, Terra didn’t think it was going to be as tough as it actually is. Terra admitted, “It’s definitely way harder than I ever expected it to be. I was obsessed with the show before I was a part of it! You think looking at the show, ‘Ugh, why doesn’t that person just point her toe more?’ or ‘Why doesn’t she put more emotion into it?’ But then when you’re in it yourself, you realize just how difficult it is.” I never thought that it looked easy. From keeping your outfit in place, to moving around and doing all that crazy stuff. I never thought it looked easy, but yeah I have no idea how a mother to a newborn is pulling this off so well. Good for her.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin]