Why is Siggy Flicker always crying?

Siggy Flicker Explains Her Constant Tears On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Siggy Flicker is always crying on Real Housewives of New Jersey. It doesn’t seem like anyone has done anything against Siggy, yet she is always overwhelmed by other people’s drama for some reason. Honestly, I always felt like she was just hyping up her persona as a “relationship expert,” but Siggy insists that there’s more to her seemingly constant cry fest.

Siggy is opening up about her life after the show has stopped filming instead of during. It really doesn’t seem like she shares much of her personal life on the show itself, which throws me off, but at least she is explaining her flood of tears.


In her latest blogSiggy admitted, “Some viewers have felt for me – others have questioned my sanity – either way, there’s no denying I’ve cried enough tears so far during this season of the RHONJ to form a Flicker River. You may have noticed I’m an emotional person, but do you know why I’m so emotional? I’m ready now to fill you in.”

I don’t get why Siggy never shared anything about herself on the show, but I’m listening.

“I’ve always had issues with my fibroids, but two years ago, they were inflamed enough to require surgery. During the surgery, my doctor, Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth who saved my life, found a per-cancerous tumor on my other ovary. Who knew inflamed fibroids could be such a blessing?! I underwent a full hysterectomy and my body went into complete shock; my hormones were – and occasionally continue to be – out of whack.”

That is something that a lot of viewers would probably relate to so it is a shame that Siggy chose to open up in her blog instead of on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but better late than never.

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Siggy explained how her medical issues play into how she acts on the show: “Now more than ever, I’m able to focus on what I feel is truly important in life. I’ve never been one to partake in drama, and after going through something like this, I know all too well that you don’t know what each day brings; life is too short and too precious, and there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE THAN PETTY BULLS–T.”

If Siggy is above drama and petty bull sh-t then why is she a self-proclaimed “relationship expert” and why is she on this show? Has she never seen it before? If this is really how she feels, then the Housewife life is not for her. I hate saying that, but I’m so confused about why she is so open and so opinionated about everyone else’s lives, but never divulges anything personal from her own. Isn’t that the point of being on a reality show?

As expected, Siggy then went on about how she wants to be friends with everyone and how she’s compassionate and blah blah blah. I get it and I respect it, but that doesn’t mean she can’t try to bring something interesting to the show. At the very least, it’s courageous of her to open up about how emotional she is due to her past medical struggles, but this very easily could have been a part of the show.


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