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Little Women: LA’s Christy McGinity Gibel Dishes On Feud With Terra Jole, The Truth About Her Family, & More

Christy McGinity Gibel has become the ultimate scapegoat on this season of Little Women: LA. Christy recently shared where she’s at now with the ladies, the truth about rumors that she’s estranged from her son, and why she’ll never be a fan of Briana Renee’s pathetic excuse of a husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer].

But, let’s start on a positive note! Even though they’ve butted heads on more than one occasion over the years, Christy says she’ll always have a true friend in Tonya Banks. “I think with Tonya nothing would really tear us a part. Tonya’s really solid. I am solid and we’re really solid in ourselves. And, so we know if something … goes on that day, she knows to call me, I know to call her, and we’re cool,” says Christy.


As for the other women, well…that’s an entirely different story! Especially when it comes to Terra Jole. Christy admits that the drama between Terra and her does (maybe?) keep viewers interested. In an interview with the Tomorrow Show, Christy asserts, “I think Terra’s and my bumping heads is what makes the freakin’ show. If you took that out of the show the show would be freakin’ boring.”

Dealing with Terra does mean Christy needs to up her AA meetings once in a while, though. She admits, “There’s been many a times where I would get in my car from where I was at location and I drive my ass to a meeting.” Christy’s sobriety was called into question both season one and this season by – who else? – Terra.

As for her feelings on everyone’s favorite slime ball, Matt, Christy says she feels the same today as she always has about her former bestie’s husband. She calls him “kinda gross,” adding, “I think he’s just a misogynist and he has issues that he hasn’t taken care of and he got into a relationship too soon.”

Matt has famously touted childhood abuse as the root of his sex addiction, a problem that manifested itself this past year when he sexted lewd messages and photos of his genitals to various women. (While Briana was pregnant with his child, to boot.)

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Among the many accusations the ladies have hurled at Christy this season, the claim that she was at fault for the estrangement between her and her son is one that Christy would like to clear up. She calls the rumor “absolutely totally false… it was really lame.”

Christy explains, “My son and his father weren’t getting along at all. And there was a dispute they had. A bad one. And this was right before his senior year. And his attorney saw it happen. I got both of my kids attorneys…because their dad is pretty…a bad person…so they could have their own rights. I think kids should have their own rights. Especially in L.A.”

After the dispute, Christy says a more serious altercation occurred between her ex and her son: “A physical altercation. Between the two of them. And so I was like, you know what – I told you this is not working. I can’t get them to get along. As much as you want me to mend the relationship between son and father, I can’t do it.”

In order to protect her son from his father, Christy and her son’s attorney arranged for him to “finish his senior year in Vegas,” where her parents also live, part time.

Terra accused Christy of trying to “cover up” the fact that her son doesn’t speak to her, which Christy did not directly address in the interview. But she does intimate that the rumors, as stated, were false.

On tonight’s LWLA, Christy attempts to get back into the good graces of her former friend circle. But she’s not exactly willing to agree to their terms.


Photo Credit: The Tomorrow Show