Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

Little Women: Atlanta Season Finale Recap: Project Runway

Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

Well, Little Women: Atlanta fans, we made it through season two, just barely. As far as season finales go, this one just so happens to be on the tamer side but given the brawls, babies, and wedding blow out plans we have sat through all season, it’s a nice change of pace. Chicken wings won’t be thrown and the shade is at a minimum, but we finally get to see these ladies come together as real friends before they rip each other to shreds next week at the reunion.

Last week, we learned the deeply saddening news that Emily Fernandez’s newborn son JJ passed away. Best friend Bri Barlup knows she needs to be there for Emily to help her grieve and heal so she has decided to move back to Dallas to support Emily. As noble as that is, there is one catch – her boyfriend and baby daddy, Wooda, is settled in Atlanta now and doesn’t want to pick up and go. She knows she has to sit down to try and convince him, but that won’t be easy.


Minnie Ross is still hustling at a local salon until she can open her own place but she seems to get along well enough with her boss so it doesn’t seem like a bad gig. In fact, Minnie’s boss likes her enough to ask her to be part of a upcoming hair show and wants Minnie to enlist her friends to join in as models.

Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

Andrea Salinas is exhausted from taking care of two babies – baby Aubrey and her boyfriend, Chris, who is packing his bags yet again. Where is Chris always going? And why does he always have earbuds around his neck? That’s the only way we see Chris on this show anymore – leaving with his earbuds.

As Chris takes off, Andrea chases him to the parking garage and the argument continues. He threatens to take baby Aubrey with him, which is hilarious since he can’t even change her diaper. Chris jets in an Uber, leaving a devastated Andrea to cry to her sister, Amanda, who tries her best to talk some sense into her about how he’s not a real man and she deserves better. Amen to that.

Later, Amanda knows what needs to be done and that means she is going to have to give her boyfriend, Jordan, a massage in an attempt to break the news that she wants Andrea to stay with them so they can help her with baby Aubrey. Jordan agrees without issue and Amanda is reminded of what a good man he is, unlike deadbeat Chris.

Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

Monie Cashette is going to visit her doctor to get the results of blood work done to determine her form of dwarfism. Ms. Juicy comes along so she can be better prepared to rub it in Minnie’s face later, since Minnie accused Monie of not even being a little person. The doctor starts drawing molecules and receptors on a white board to try and explain to Monie what her genetics are and Juicy gets a case of the church giggles trying to keep up. She asks him to tell them in English.

Apparently, Monie has an extremely rare form of dwarfism that was only discovered a few years ago. Monie doesn’t mind being rare. She leaves with a vague understanding of her condition – but an understanding nonetheless.

It’s time for Bri to talk to Wooda about her plans to move back to Dallas. Wooda is a rapper who is trying to get his career off the ground and feels like the best place to do that is Atlanta, not Texas. Bri wants to keep her family together but Wooda is not going to budge and wants to stay in Atlanta with his son, which is how they leave it.

Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

Constant frenemies Minnie and Ms. Juicy meet up to discuss their latest blow out at Monie’s bachelorette party. Juicy is still mad that Monie decided to make Minnie a co-Maid of Honor because Juicy doesn’t like sharing titles, which seems like a pretty pathetic reason to me.

They bicker over who is Monie’s best friend and who is better qualified to plan this wedding. Since when does a Maid of Honor plan a wedding? That’s the bride’s job! Eventually, they give up and both give in to the fact that they will do what’s best for Monie since it’s supposed to be her day.

Minnie invites Juicy to be part of the hair show. Juicy readily accepts, never being one to turn down a promotional event.

Even though Wooda isn’t on board, Bri has made the decision to head back to Dallas with her adorable son, Meek. The girls get together for a final lunch to say goodbye to Bri (don’t worry Bri fans, you will still see her on Little Women: Dallas, starting next month). The ladies get teary as the reality of Bri’s departure sets in. It’s nice they can all get together and have a good time without food or drinks being thrown.

Little Women: Atlanta season finale recap

The women to come together again, this time for the hair and beauty show. Minnie is excited to walk the runway and wants to make sure we know that’s no easy task. The girls get a runway walk lesson and Monie takes the opportunity to tell the gals what kind of dwarfism she has. In true Maury Povich style, Monie busts out a manila envelope and reads her results. Regardless of Minnie’s past disbelief of Monie’s dwarfism, she takes it in stride and tells Monie she is proud of her for finding out her results.

The girls get their hair and makeup done and it’s time to hit the runway and not a moment too soon – Andrea has a four foot tall beehive on her head that she can barely hold up. They all manage to get out there and steal the show, ending another season on a high note.


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