Toya Wright Book - In My Own Words

Toya Wright Reveals New Book ‘In My Own Words’ – Opens Up About Famous Loves, Loss, And Reality TV

Toya Wright is opening a new chapter. Literally. She’s finally sharing her life story through a new book In My Own Words. The memoir chronicles her life of equal parts fortune and misfortune while surviving fame, love, and tremendous loss.

In My Own Words is Toya’s third book, but her most personal. “I get very raw and you get to see TOYA, not Toya Wright. It’s the stripped down, naked truth of my life and my REAL reality – not what you see on television.”


The memoir will shed light on Toya’s high-profile marriages and divorces from Lil’ Wayne and from Memphitz Wright, examine her experiences on reality TV, discuss handing teen pregnancy, and tragically losing two of her brothers to gun violence.

“I made a lot of decisions based on other people’s happiness in the past, because I didn’t want to hurt that person’s feelings,” Toya tells Elle. “I feel that I wasn’t true to myself because I compromised my own happiness and moving forward, I want to make decisions that are going to make me 100% happy.”

Toya‘s brothers were gunned down this summer sitting in their car in New Orleans. The shocking loss was an “eye opener.” Toya realized she had to slow down and reflect, because her life “was moving extremely fast.”

“After losing my brothers and seeing how short life can be, it made me appreciate living even more,” Toya admits. She channeled her emotions into writing, and three months later, had completed In My Own Words.

The loss also prompted Toya to examine her relationships. She and Wayne remain close, sharing both “loyalty,” fairness, and “big hearts” in order to co-parent their daughter. “I talk to God a lot and surround myself with positive people that motivate me to do better with their good energy.”

In the book, Toya also takes a look at how reality TV affected her life and the skewed perception it gives. Last year Toya and Memphiz attempted to save their marriage by appearing on Marriage Boot Camp. Predictably that was a failure.

Toya complains that reality TV shows are “fabricated so much, making people’s lives seem like movies.”

“Reality TV is a gift and a curse,” continues Toya. “No one’s life is perfect. We all go through things. We have ups and downs, make crazy decisions, and it’s a part of life. To be judged by viewers in regards to a real life situation played out falsely on television is harsh. You have to give us a break; some people may be going through the same life experiences.”

Despite everything she has endured, Toya‘s motivated to keep moving forward. “Nothing beats failure but a try,” she believes.


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