No one saw the truce between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga coming. They absolutely hated each for many seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but now they seem to be a solid united front. A lot of people (mainly Jacqueline Laurita) have questioned the authenticity of their alliance, but the sisters-in-law have been insistent that their relationship is genuine and strong.

This was very clear during the reunion since the two sat on the same couch and went to bat for each other against Jacqueline. The reunion ended with the whole cast engaging in a group hug after a promise to be peaceful in the future. It seems far-fetched that a show centered around controversy between women will actually have women who are moving forward on peaceful terms, but Melissa seems very committed to that – at least when it comes to her relationship with Teresa. Her relationship with Jacqueline is a whole other story.


Melissa opened up about the final reunion episode in her latest Bravo blog. To be honest, the reunion wasn’t as epic as Teresa teased, but I was entertained by the feud between the sisters-in-law with Jacqueline. I also thought it was kind of odd that Joe Gorga was on the couch for pretty much the entire show, but it did provide some much needed comic relief.

Aside from saying some weird and hilarious stuff (i.e. when he talked about losing his virginity AT AGE 9), Joe actually had one serious moment when he opened up about the stress of feuding with family members. Melissa backed up her husband’s sentiments when she wrote, “Joe didn’t say too much at the reunion, but the few words he did say hit home for me. It’s true, it hurts your heart when it’s family. When you fight with family it affects so many other people, not just who you are in the argument with. I’m not saying I don’t get disappointed or upset when I argue with my friends, but there is a difference.”

Well, I do not know if I would consider screaming on a reality TV show to be an argument between friends, it’s probably more of a coworkers dispute, but I get what she is saying.

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Melissa also touched on her reconciliation with her sister-in-law: “I agreed to forgive and move forward with Teresa. When I did that, it wasn’t only for me, it was for my husband, my children, and my in-laws. It’s unfortunate that I felt a lot of pressure from others to go against that promise, but I refuse to keep rehashing the past, and I am not going to break that promise for anyone.”

I didn’t believe it when Teresa and Melissa promised to have each other’s backs no matter, but they have not faltered one bit in this promise so far, so I actually can see this being a permanent alliance. Poor Jacqueline though. This will not play out in her favor, that’s for sure.

As for that group hug at the end with all of the ladies, I was not buying that for a second. And to be honest, why would I want peace between ALL of the cast members next season? What kind of show would that be? The kind I stop tuning in to watch. Melissa wrote, “At the end of the reunion, we all made a promise to move forward in peace.” And with Melissa and Teresa being adamantly “done” with Jacqueline and the rumors of Danielle Staub‘s return, I’m really not holding my breath for that one.


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